Musical terrorists.

From the Independent:

Abid Naseer terror trial: ‘Jihadi anthems’ found on al-Qaeda suspect’s phone read to New York court.

So….. Musical taste is now damning evidence, its it?

Since 9/11, the American justice system has convicted many innocent Muslims on trumped up charges. Charities for Palestinian related causes have felt the brunt of the US judiciaries, with a lot of ‘help’ from Israeli sources. If you feel the need to try to alleviate the misery of children in Gaza, buying them crayons constitutes materially supporting terrorism. That was bad enough but now it seems you better be careful what you listen to.

Most of us make the mistake of thinking the Justice system is pompous but fair. It isn’t. If certain people decide you are helping people they don’t want you to help, no matter how squeaky clean you are, they will get you. Ridiculous evidence such as that against Abid Naseer appears to break new ground. Now I’ve no idea if he is guilty of the charges, I never heard of him until today but if they have to use music found on his telephone as part of the prosecution, then the evidence can’t be so convincing.

A number of years ago I did some research on Riad Hamad, the founding member of Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. At that particular time I was finding out the true nature of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the cruelty they inflict, even on the children. I was astounded when each day I was finding out about more and more children arrested, brutalised and even murdered by the Israel Defence Force. I sent numerous letters to my regional representative in the British Parliament, complaining about the lack of justice for Palestinians and asking him what our government would do to put pressure on Israel to at least bring the suspects to trial. I did receive replies but they weren’t very reassuring.

Eventually I tried to do something myself. I’m not wealthy but I decided I would try to find a charity that would directly help these tortured and abused (by the Israeli state) children. After much research I decided I would send some money to the PCWF, run by Mr Hamad. He sent me a very nice reply thanking me for my modest donation and probably due to a heavy work load at the time, I didn’t consider donating for a while.

It took a lot long time to find a charity I believed I could trust and in the PCWF I found an honest and decent organisation that were fully active in improving the lives of the innocent victims of Israeli aggression. However, the next time I visited PCWF, the web page just had a polite notice on it, something to the effect that the page was no longer maintained, I think.

Initially, I felt I’d been conned but the truth was much more sinister. It turned out that Riad Hamad was being hounded by US officials trying to prove he was supporting terrorism. Charges against him were thrown out of court but shortly afterwards he was found dead in a lake, tied up with duct tape. His death was recorded as suicide. It’s amazing how many people have died through two gunshot wounds to the head when committing suicide. Call me a cynic, but………

Several years after these events, I have no reason to doubt Riad’s intentions. I still believe he was an honest man who was doing his best for the children of Palestine. I also believe he was murdered for the same reasons.


Riad Hamad.


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