One comment on “Lee Johnson…..

  1. best of wishes 4 them under whomever leads them 2 victories :}

    my fav local{jordanian} team is called “al-weehdat” the word translation is “housing blocks” cuz the team comes from a palestinian refugee camp that was built in the heart of the jordanian capital upon the 1948 catastrophe and most of the players come from palestinian origins,…
    the team was created as a youth team in a sport center 4 the camp and sponsored by the “UNRWA” til it flied solo and joined the jordanian league,…
    and since then they’v been championed 13 times{thats a pretty good record}
    …i”m not an avid supporter as my brother is{he likes 2 think he is :~d he bought his sons a very tiny beautiful uniforms!} ….,and i dont follow their chart progress but i like them 4 wut they’r presenting!
    unless u’v walked in the allies of 1 of them u wont get the visual :} they carry every scent of it, longing gravities painted over many,many,many walls speaking about palestine and how “WE SHALL RETURN”, different palestinian accents, the simple untouched painful emotions of old men/women talking about their lost homes …the ache of being punished and sent away from the land u luv!

    my 2nd fav team is chile’s “palestino” and i know literally nuthing about them ….other than scattered info’s i got from news articles involving/speaking of their undying support 4 their ancestors homeland ….they got a very beautiful uniform with palestine’s map on the bak of it with the colors of the palestinian flag, and lots of the players r palestinians decedents….

    sometimes, we luv things 4 more than wut they’r, 4 wut they symbolize 2 us….wut memories they bring :}


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