Mosque ablaze overnight in Bethlehem.

Israeli settlers were the culprits, it seems. More news from the region:

Israeli electricity company cuts of Nablus and Jenin over unpaid debts.

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and fishermen.

40% rise in new settlements recorded in 2014.

Autopsy shows young Palestinian man was shot at short range.

These are all headlines from Ma’an news agency. These are also just the tip of the iceberg. Israelis constantly and incessantly attempt to provoke responses so that they can go in and slaughter more. Their treatment of Palestinians is intentionally WORSE than the Nazis treated the Jews. The Nazi reign was over in 5 years, the Israeli occupation has been in place over 10 times longer. Yes, many Jews were imprisoned but what do they think Gaza and the West Bank is?

Israel has done previously and continues to strangle any hope for economic recovery for the Palestinians. Israel has learnt that they have to be subtle so that it’s not so noticeable to the outside world. How can they export fresh produce when it’s stopped from going anywhere for days by the Israeli check point officers? It’s not because it’s a security risk, it’s so that it becomes worthless. More to the point, how can they sell produce when the very farmland they used to grow it on has either been fenced off to stop them looking after it or been stolen to house Israeli settlers on.

Palestinians are constantly surveyed, monitored and controlled. Their lives are worse than those who lived in the Nazi camps and to make matters worse, there is no hope of being rescued or released by allied forces.

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