The so called ‘elite’.

The extraordinary clamour to drop bombs on an already embattled region in Syria tells us all we need to know about politicians. They are supposed to be the most intelligent amongst society, wanting to do their best, not just for people here but around the world. Despite their supposedly privileged education, it seems they learnt … Continue reading The so called ‘elite’.


Craig Murray nails Cameron.

A post by Craig Murray on his blog today exposes the lies that UK Prime Minister, David Cameron is using to obtain parliamentary permission to bomb Syria. The UK public have already rejected this proposal and their regional representatives voted against it. Cameron is having another attempt, only this time he's using a pack of … Continue reading Craig Murray nails Cameron.

Who benefits from military acts of aggression?

The disturbing attack by Turkey on a Russian jet is a very worrying escalation. Putin has definitely upset ISIS and Erdogan too. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their own agenda, primarily to stop Iranian influence and support for Hezbollah and Syria. Israel wants the same but for different reasons. A weak or better still, … Continue reading Who benefits from military acts of aggression?

‘Turkey has the right to defend it’s airspace.’

Turkey has the right to defend it's airspace, Obama stated with great authority. In stark contrast, the daily¬† incursions by Israel over it's neighbours never seems to warrant such condemnation. Perhaps they need to shoot one down and see what the response would be from a man who takes hypocrisy to levels never before seen. … Continue reading ‘Turkey has the right to defend it’s airspace.’

Hollande: Paris terrorism is an act of war.

Indeed Mr Hollande, it's certainly not an act of friendship, which is a little odd, considering these are the very same people that you gave French air cover to in Libya and Syria. Ungrateful, aren't they? The French policy in Syria has been very consistent but before that, Hollande had used French jets … Continue reading Hollande: Paris terrorism is an act of war.