Hollande: Paris terrorism is an act of war.

Indeed Mr Hollande, it’s certainly not an act of friendship, which is a little odd, considering these are the very same people that you gave French air cover to in Libya and Syria. Ungrateful, aren’t they?



The French policy in Syria has been very consistent but before that, Hollande had used French jets to remove Gaddafi, which was fundamental in the creation of ISIS and the supply of weapons to Syrian rebels. Talking about declarations of war is a bit rich when you’ve just been supporting the removal of two leaders of sovereign states. Neither Libya nor Syria invited France into their air space. Yesterday’s attacks weren’t revenge by Assad or friends of the murdered Gaddafi, they were committed by the very same people the French have been supplying weapons to.

Of course, mainstream media will completely ignore these facts simply because most people are too lazy to find out for themselves. Collectively, we’ve only got ourselves to blame for the crimes of the elite which only ever affect the ordinary citizens. Blair, Brown, Hollande, or Bush, to name a few, never get caught up in these acts of ‘the terrorists’.


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