‘Turkey has the right to defend it’s airspace.’

Turkey has the right to defend it’s airspace, Obama stated with great authority. In stark contrast, the daily  incursions by Israel over it’s neighbours never seems to warrant such condemnation. Perhaps they need to shoot one down and see what the response would be from a man who takes hypocrisy to levels never before seen.

Considering his pathetic, error strewn presidency, Obama should just keep his mouth shut. He is unable to comment on anything related to international law because he breaks them with impunity.

His criticism of Russia has no legal basis and his own violation of Syrian airspace renders him ineligible to comment on other nations alleged discretions anyhow. His government has continually admitted to supplying ‘moderate rebels’ with weapons, training and finances , even though anyone with the remotest interest in US foreign policy knows that there are no moderate rebels. Yes, they might fight amongst themselves but it doesn’t make any of the factions moderate.

Someone should explain to him that just because he doesn’t like a certain government (or more likely they won’t do as they are told) it doesn’t give him the right to declare them illegitimate. More than twice as many Syrian refugees have sought protection under the Assad government than those that have fled abroad and even that doesn’t mean that those who have left  are against Assad. Bearing in mind much of the Syrian/Turkish border has been controlled by ISIS and Turkey have received more refugees than any other nation, it would be fair to estimate that many have been forced to leave because of ISIS.

Save your breath Obama, Putin has already made you look foolish enough as it is. You’ve achieved absolutely nothing of any significant importance throughout your time in power. All you have done is make people like Netanyahu look intelligent and that is quite spectacular, I suppose.

It will be interesting to see what Putin does about this escalation with Turkey, I suspect Erdogan was treading on thin ice before this latest incident and of course the fact that Turkey is an ally of ISIS could possibly mean that this attack on a Russian jet isn’t a concluded event. Far from it.

One thought on “‘Turkey has the right to defend it’s airspace.’

  1. Turkey has not the right to hit Russian jet. Because almost every single day, Turks and Greeks jets are making dog fight at Aegean sea, but any side of them is not using this to excuse of shooting the airplane. I have been residing for last years in Turkey on the planet . And the things are not like to be seen. In Turkey, one man wants to all power and all rules for himself. Last election %51 of Anatolian people didn’t give to vote for his policy. But his policy gained majority of parliament because of wrong election system and election threshold. And this %51 doesn’t want to any war with any country. And I hope this %51 will win someday against all imperialists!

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