Who benefits from military acts of aggression?

The disturbing attack by Turkey on a Russian jet is a very worrying escalation. Putin has definitely upset ISIS and Erdogan too. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their own agenda, primarily to stop Iranian influence and support for Hezbollah and Syria. Israel wants the same but for different reasons. A weak or better still, fractured Syria would be unable to resist Zionist expansion plans.

The US, Europe and Russia are all huge weapons manufacturers and in my view are the main beneficiaries of conflict. Russian assets in Syria and it’s long term support would suggest that arms sales aren’t a primary factor, however showcasing their impressive wares certainly won’t harm their weapons industry.

Tourism would be damaged the most as a result of conflict and disputes. It’s estimated Turkey will lose 450,000 Russian visitors due to the shooting down of their jet. Egypt will suffer in the near future because of the passenger plane disaster. Perhaps Erdogen believes it’s a price worth paying. We can safely assume that the Turkish leader doesn’t have investments in the tourism industries. It is of course the average Turk who will be adversely affected by fewer visitors, less jobs.

What he does have investments in is oil. The oil is transported from Syrian installations to Turkish refinement plants and Erdogen junior is reaping the rewards. That was until Putin’s air force obliterated  those tankers very recently. This might have resulted in the Russian jet being brought down and if it is, then Erdogen should be a very worried man. The loss of dozens of oil tankers will be the least of his worries.

Another aspect is Erdogens almost deranged insistence on Bashar Al Assad’s removal. Clearly the Turkish government have facilitated the rise of ISIS through their porous border and they appear to be looking to grab parts of Syria during the chaos.

The fanning of the flames by ISIS allies will result in more arms deals with Saudi and Qatar picking up the bill. I suppose it makes a change from the US, UK, French, etc taxpayers having to finance the bombing of countries that have done absolutely no harm to any of us.

American support for the Israelis (and Egypt) is the most interesting. Despite humiliating Obama countless times, their US aid has increased substantially. The reason Egypt gets so much US foreign aid is to make sure they keep the Gaza prison intact. Military assistance from the US in 2013 was $3 billion for Israel and $1.2 billion for Egypt. There are no special ties between the US and Egypt so why so much ‘aid’? It can only be for hush money to leave Israel alone. By the way, US aid figures that are above do not reflect the real cost. In reality it could be twice as much.




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