The very real nightmare of living in Palestine.

Attacks and instant retribution continue in Jerusalem and other areas. Palestinians know that if they attempt an attack of this nature (and even sometimes when they are innocent), they will be killed. Compelling evidence of framing Palestinians after the event has been reported. With all this in mind, why are they committing these attacks?

I believe they are a consequence of being robbed of a future by the Israelis. Most of the persistent persecution and mistreatment of Palestinians is the result of very careful planning that makes ordinary events to the rest of us extremely difficult for those under occupation or even in close proximity to Israel. Perhaps some of the disruptive Israeli ‘games’ are quite small issues but if they are all put together they create a frustration that is hard to imagine (I don’t mean to trivialise even small issues). Then there are the more serious elements of Israeli criminality that makes a normal life impossible, unless we were enduring these at first hand, it’s hard to comprehend. Crimes against children, which obviously  affects whole communities certainly aren’t given any publicity by journalists in other countries and so much of what goes on is unknown unless you make the effort to look for it. In effect, there is a news black-out in the West concerning Israeli crimes.

The constant everyday challenges are just one element. There is no institution Palestinians can complain to about harassment or victimisation The IDF can kill, maim and torture without the slightest chance of even being censured and many of their practices are a direct result of Israeli government policies. They aren’t rogue soldiers, it’s a free for all. The only rule is not to get caught red handed. Disturbing IDF tactics and practices have become so common and widespread that they are regarded as normal behaviour. Why do they carry out so many night raids? These people have nowhere they can escape to. What could possibly justify a night raid by a dozen heavily armed, pumped up thugs terrorising complete families to interrogate a 12 year old boy over an alleged stone throwing incident?
If there was a semblance of fairness regarding law enforcement in Israel and Palestine it would be one thing but there is no attempt to even disguise the discrimination of the Arabs by Jews. Israeli media is probably more honest than the rest of the mainstream media, this example about a young Jew having confessed to criminal damage paints a damaging story of inequality:

Compare this with night raids on mere suspects.
The Duma arson attack still hasn’t produced any charges, even though Police have admitted they know who did it. Palestinians have no means to defend themselves against the rabid settlers who are armed to the teeth and even then have IDF protection. This level of injustice is a major factor in the recent attacks by Palestinians on Israeli Jews. If the law is so skewed that Palestinians are guilty even when they are victims, what hope is there? Without hope there is no future and subsequently nothing to lose. Israel is creating this hopelessness deliberately in order to inspire such attacks. Lack of honesty regarding the bogus peace process is just lip service to the rest of the world, creating a pretence of good intentions.

Israel have decided to use a general method of pretending they have no peace partner combined with the overwhelming support they receive from the majority of the most powerful world leaders. Constant provocations to prove that the Palestinians don’t want peace and that’s the recipe for continued expansion, all the time insisting they are the victims.

Obama has been proven to be an absolute coward whilst dealing with Netanyahu, along with most other western leaders. Despite many Israeli crimes during his tenure, none of the spineless Prime Ministers or Presidents have even condemned Netanyahu. There have been calls for calm on both sides when its clear as day that Israel is the aggressor.

Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Obama ….. they are all in Israel’s back pocket and the Zionists aren’t that worried about everybody knowing.



Israel have revealed that they have been rescuing injured ‘Syrians’ from inside Syria. The main benefactors of these humanitarian raids are ISIS or other terrorist groups stricken fighters. An in depth report has appeared in the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail. I was going to comment but the editors allowed a hundred or so almost universally approving comments and then closed the section from further posts.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused Hamas of being exactly the same as ‘Islamic terror groups such as ISIS’. So despite this, Israel continues to save enemies from death and it’s regarded as a typical humanitarian effort by the Zionist state. Historic behaviour tells us that Israel is not the shining light of humanitarianism when it comes to Muslims, so what is in it for them?

I have a few logical reasons as to why the nation that kills hundreds of defenceless Palestinian children suddenly discovers some moral substance. Netanyahu craves the removal of Bashar Al Assad so that he has no relatively well equipped armed forces to contend with, the Syrian Arab Army being the only serious resistance to Israeli domination apart from Hezbollah. Patching up these terrorists will improve the chances of Assad removal, even though they claim Hamas, ISIS, etc are to all intent and purposes the same things. Reason number two is the training element. Israeli forces can experiment with their training techniques without the risk of IDF soldiers dying.

The third is based on allegations. Many Palestinians have either not received their relatives bodies at all or with organs missing. The Israeli regime recently threatened not to return any Palestinian bodies from the recent attacks on Israelis. What kind of civilised government would conduct themselves in such a way? It seems to me that the slain takfiri terrorists would be perfect harvesting material. Considering we none Jews aren’t quite up to scratch when compared to the ‘Chosen People’, is this scenario so far beyond the realms of possibility/


Syrian moderates?

Syrian opposition groups were today meeting in Saudi Arabia. The BBC reported on the event. The headline was:

Syrian opposition seeks unified front at Riyadh conference

Most of the main rebel factions, such as Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, are taking part in the conference in Riyadh, for which preparatory talks began on Tuesday.

There are hundreds of different groups in Syria, the BBC only name two of the attendees.

It is important that it is the Saudis who are hosting the talks, the first of their kind to bring together many of the main strands of the rebel movement of which Riyadh is a key backer and financier..

Saudi Arabia have repeatedly denied funding terrorist groups in Syria.

Ahrar al-Sham is a ultraconservative Islamist, or Salafist, rebel group that aims to topple Mr Assad and build an Islamic state. It is part of Jaysh al-Fatah, an alliance that includes the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front.

Ahrar al-Sham get a mention again here but hang on…. They are described as ultraconservative Islamist or Salafist  group. It insinuates throughout this report that these groups are moderates and a reasonable alternative to Assad however, ultraconservative Islamist or Salafist does not strike me as being moderates. Affiliation to al-Nusra Front puts a lid on it.

Jaysh al-Islam, a Islamist rebel group active mostly around Damascus, previously called for the establishment of an Islamic state. Its leader now says he favours allowing Syrians to decide what sort of state they want.

Oh, it would appear that Jaysh al-Islam previously called for the establishment of an Islamic state so what’s to stop them changing their mind again?

If this was a meeting of credible alternatives to Assad, it failed at every level. Saudi Arabia has been a vocal opponent of Assad and continues to be s0 but why?  Recently the relationship has deteriorated starting with the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war but nothing appears to have triggered the need for Saudi to be such an influential critic of  the Syrian leader.

The refusal by Assad to allow a gas pipe across Syria seems to be the catalyst and the involvement of Qatar and Turkey would make sense.

If this scenario is true, what kind of psychopaths are we dealing with who would rip the heart out of a country, resulting in the deaths of so many innocent people purely for profit? It’s not as if they aren’t already stinking rich beyond most peoples wildest imaginations. Supplying Europe with gas which would cut Russia out of the deal looks more like a US instigated move to weaken the Russians. 

Terrorist tweets.

It’s been revealed that Labour politicians have received nasty tweets after voting to bomb Syria on Wednesday. The party leadership have said they take the threatening tweets “very seriously”.

I’m sure it must be extremely distressing for them. However, it should be put in context,  despite the hurt feelings that must be causing them and their families sleepless nights. The innocent victims of the explosives they voted to jettison from RAF aircraft won’t need to worry about cranks using social media.

What a screwed up world we live in when the people that support dropping bombs are given infinitely more consideration than those on the receiving end of them.

It would seem that the poor victims of these twitter terrorists have informed the police concerning the life threatening tweets. I despair at these people who attach so much importance to themselves and their families yet  in a position of power they vote to reign terror on the people of Syria. Innocent people will always be killed by an air assault, we all know this but for these elected fools to be so blasé about the lives of others is astonishing.

Only when their own mortality (albeit a very remote threat by an armchair warrior on the internet) comes into question do they start to worry. They are pathetic.

The Labour Shadow front bencher Hilary Benn has been acclaimed for his speech supporting the bombing campaign, even though the party leader, Corbyn was against them. He spoke with passion on the merits of incinerating the people of Syria and even got a round of applause from his political enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the fake ‘Islamic State’ frauds. They have nothing in common with the vast majority of Muslims and if every bomb was guaranteed to wipe these monsters out, I might question my pacifist nature. The act of summary execution of any criminal being as much of a crime as the criminal act itself, makes it doubtful.

Benn very recently addressed the Labour Friends of Israel with  vomit inducing praise for the criminal state. This ties up with the real reason for the war on Syria. The main benefactor of Syrian chaos would be the Zionist entity. It would remove the only army that could make expansion difficult and they were hoping for a collapse of Assad’s forces, much like happened in Iraq. So far it’s not happened with the help of Russia, Hezbollah and Iran and long may it continue.

Corbyn allows a free vote.

The political system in the UK is complex. A free vote in politics indicates that their party leader does not enforce them to vote in a particular way. If the vote is not free, all sorts of methods are used to make the members comply to the leaders wishes.

Jeremy Corbyn, the UK opposition leader has been under intense pressure to allow a free vote in Wednesdays parliamentary debate to allow the Royal Air Force to drop bombs on Syrian territory. There are still ‘Blairites’ in the Labour party who, as you might suspect will vote with the Conservative government in approving the illegal bombing of a sovereign state that is not a threat to the UK or its assets. Cameron is sure that he will win this vote (after failing to get approval 12 months ago).

The Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk will be voting for the military action. A man with a colourful personal life who at times doesn’t seem to cope with his issues very well.

Rochdale is multi cultural place in Northern England. I hope that the electorate watch Mr Danzuk very closely. Whether deliberate or not, the victims of all these bombing campaigns in recent years have been Muslims, in fact a large family from Rochdale allegedly went to Syria to join ISIS. However,  I believe the vast majority of Muslims do not empathise with Al Nusra, Al Qaida or Daesh. Twisted interpretation of  a book, religious belief or political ideology can’t be sustained and close inspection of ISIS and the like quickly expose a logic that is far removed from Islam and reveal behaviour that isn’t acceptable in any civilised society. ISIS are frauds and many people know this.

Having said that, you would imagine that I approve the bombing. Not at all, the target isn’t Daesh, it’s Bashar Al Assad. The UK MP’s have a huge amount of resources at their disposal and should be well aware of the facts surrounding Syria.

Corbyn allowed the free vote but these warmongers need to remember that the people always have a free vote and spending money on bombs to drop on people who are no threat to us, instead of maintaining the national health service won’t go unpunished.