Corbyn allows a free vote.

The political system in the UK is complex. A free vote in politics indicates that their party leader does not enforce them to vote in a particular way. If the vote is not free, all sorts of methods are used to make the members comply to the leaders wishes.

Jeremy Corbyn, the UK opposition leader has been under intense pressure to allow a free vote in Wednesdays parliamentary debate to allow the Royal Air Force to drop bombs on Syrian territory. There are still ‘Blairites’ in the Labour party who, as you might suspect will vote with the Conservative government in approving the illegal bombing of a sovereign state that is not a threat to the UK or its assets. Cameron is sure that he will win this vote (after failing to get approval 12 months ago).

The Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk will be voting for the military action. A man with a colourful personal life who at times doesn’t seem to cope with his issues very well.

Rochdale is multi cultural place in Northern England. I hope that the electorate watch Mr Danzuk very closely. Whether deliberate or not, the victims of all these bombing campaigns in recent years have been Muslims, in fact a large family from Rochdale allegedly went to Syria to join ISIS. However,  I believe the vast majority of Muslims do not empathise with Al Nusra, Al Qaida or Daesh. Twisted interpretation of  a book, religious belief or political ideology can’t be sustained and close inspection of ISIS and the like quickly expose a logic that is far removed from Islam and reveal behaviour that isn’t acceptable in any civilised society. ISIS are frauds and many people know this.

Having said that, you would imagine that I approve the bombing. Not at all, the target isn’t Daesh, it’s Bashar Al Assad. The UK MP’s have a huge amount of resources at their disposal and should be well aware of the facts surrounding Syria.

Corbyn allowed the free vote but these warmongers need to remember that the people always have a free vote and spending money on bombs to drop on people who are no threat to us, instead of maintaining the national health service won’t go unpunished.




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