Terrorist tweets.

It’s been revealed that Labour politicians have received nasty tweets after voting to bomb Syria on Wednesday. The party leadership have said they take the threatening tweets “very seriously”.

I’m sure it must be extremely distressing for them. However, it should be put in context,  despite the hurt feelings that must be causing them and their families sleepless nights. The innocent victims of the explosives they voted to jettison from RAF aircraft won’t need to worry about cranks using social media.

What a screwed up world we live in when the people that support dropping bombs are given infinitely more consideration than those on the receiving end of them.

It would seem that the poor victims of these twitter terrorists have informed the police concerning the life threatening tweets. I despair at these people who attach so much importance to themselves and their families yet  in a position of power they vote to reign terror on the people of Syria. Innocent people will always be killed by an air assault, we all know this but for these elected fools to be so blasé about the lives of others is astonishing.

Only when their own mortality (albeit a very remote threat by an armchair warrior on the internet) comes into question do they start to worry. They are pathetic.

The Labour Shadow front bencher Hilary Benn has been acclaimed for his speech supporting the bombing campaign, even though the party leader, Corbyn was against them. He spoke with passion on the merits of incinerating the people of Syria and even got a round of applause from his political enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the fake ‘Islamic State’ frauds. They have nothing in common with the vast majority of Muslims and if every bomb was guaranteed to wipe these monsters out, I might question my pacifist nature. The act of summary execution of any criminal being as much of a crime as the criminal act itself, makes it doubtful.

Benn very recently addressed the Labour Friends of Israel with  vomit inducing praise for the criminal state. This ties up with the real reason for the war on Syria. The main benefactor of Syrian chaos would be the Zionist entity. It would remove the only army that could make expansion difficult and they were hoping for a collapse of Assad’s forces, much like happened in Iraq. So far it’s not happened with the help of Russia, Hezbollah and Iran and long may it continue.


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