Israel have revealed that they have been rescuing injured ‘Syrians’ from inside Syria. The main benefactors of these humanitarian raids are ISIS or other terrorist groups stricken fighters. An in depth report has appeared in the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail. I was going to comment but the editors allowed a hundred or so almost universally approving comments and then closed the section from further posts.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused Hamas of being exactly the same as ‘Islamic terror groups such as ISIS’. So despite this, Israel continues to save enemies from death and it’s regarded as a typical humanitarian effort by the Zionist state. Historic behaviour tells us that Israel is not the shining light of humanitarianism when it comes to Muslims, so what is in it for them?

I have a few logical reasons as to why the nation that kills hundreds of defenceless Palestinian children suddenly discovers some moral substance. Netanyahu craves the removal of Bashar Al Assad so that he has no relatively well equipped armed forces to contend with, the Syrian Arab Army being the only serious resistance to Israeli domination apart from Hezbollah. Patching up these terrorists will improve the chances of Assad removal, even though they claim Hamas, ISIS, etc are to all intent and purposes the same things. Reason number two is the training element. Israeli forces can experiment with their training techniques without the risk of IDF soldiers dying.

The third is based on allegations. Many Palestinians have either not received their relatives bodies at all or with organs missing. The Israeli regime recently threatened not to return any Palestinian bodies from the recent attacks on Israelis. What kind of civilised government would conduct themselves in such a way? It seems to me that the slain takfiri terrorists would be perfect harvesting material. Considering we none Jews aren’t quite up to scratch when compared to the ‘Chosen People’, is this scenario so far beyond the realms of possibility/



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