The very real nightmare of living in Palestine.

Attacks and instant retribution continue in Jerusalem and other areas. Palestinians know that if they attempt an attack of this nature (and even sometimes when they are innocent), they will be killed. Compelling evidence of framing Palestinians after the event has been reported. With all this in mind, why are they committing these attacks?

I believe they are a consequence of being robbed of a future by the Israelis. Most of the persistent persecution and mistreatment of Palestinians is the result of very careful planning that makes ordinary events to the rest of us extremely difficult for those under occupation or even in close proximity to Israel. Perhaps some of the disruptive Israeli ‘games’ are quite small issues but if they are all put together they create a frustration that is hard to imagine (I don’t mean to trivialise even small issues). Then there are the more serious elements of Israeli criminality that makes a normal life impossible, unless we were enduring these at first hand, it’s hard to comprehend. Crimes against children, which obviously  affects whole communities certainly aren’t given any publicity by journalists in other countries and so much of what goes on is unknown unless you make the effort to look for it. In effect, there is a news black-out in the West concerning Israeli crimes.

The constant everyday challenges are just one element. There is no institution Palestinians can complain to about harassment or victimisation The IDF can kill, maim and torture without the slightest chance of even being censured and many of their practices are a direct result of Israeli government policies. They aren’t rogue soldiers, it’s a free for all. The only rule is not to get caught red handed. Disturbing IDF tactics and practices have become so common and widespread that they are regarded as normal behaviour. Why do they carry out so many night raids? These people have nowhere they can escape to. What could possibly justify a night raid by a dozen heavily armed, pumped up thugs terrorising complete families to interrogate a 12 year old boy over an alleged stone throwing incident?
If there was a semblance of fairness regarding law enforcement in Israel and Palestine it would be one thing but there is no attempt to even disguise the discrimination of the Arabs by Jews. Israeli media is probably more honest than the rest of the mainstream media, this example about a young Jew having confessed to criminal damage paints a damaging story of inequality:

Compare this with night raids on mere suspects.
The Duma arson attack still hasn’t produced any charges, even though Police have admitted they know who did it. Palestinians have no means to defend themselves against the rabid settlers who are armed to the teeth and even then have IDF protection. This level of injustice is a major factor in the recent attacks by Palestinians on Israeli Jews. If the law is so skewed that Palestinians are guilty even when they are victims, what hope is there? Without hope there is no future and subsequently nothing to lose. Israel is creating this hopelessness deliberately in order to inspire such attacks. Lack of honesty regarding the bogus peace process is just lip service to the rest of the world, creating a pretence of good intentions.

Israel have decided to use a general method of pretending they have no peace partner combined with the overwhelming support they receive from the majority of the most powerful world leaders. Constant provocations to prove that the Palestinians don’t want peace and that’s the recipe for continued expansion, all the time insisting they are the victims.

Obama has been proven to be an absolute coward whilst dealing with Netanyahu, along with most other western leaders. Despite many Israeli crimes during his tenure, none of the spineless Prime Ministers or Presidents have even condemned Netanyahu. There have been calls for calm on both sides when its clear as day that Israel is the aggressor.

Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Obama ….. they are all in Israel’s back pocket and the Zionists aren’t that worried about everybody knowing.

One thought on “The very real nightmare of living in Palestine.

  1. greetings ^^ <— a drop in the bottomless ocean of their absolute tyranny, just another case that represent and summarizes their sense of deformed justice! "paradox of the absurd!"

    u'r on fleek about how the engineered and strategized oppression that the palestinians has to endure under israel's criminal occupation is one of the reasons that contributed to this uprising{intifada}…. desperate reactionaries against this super-racist, fascist and judeo-nazi system of apartheid…..enhanced and overloaded with anti-semitic sentiment against the palestinians and it rules this cruel entity and its citizens!
    but i find a rebellion brewing in the palestians souls that refuses 2 be submissive or domesticated, they refuse 2 be uprooted! even their littlest lion is braver than a thousand of those arrogant evil creatures!

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