Waste of money….

Vast sums of money have been completely wasted on financing the security services in the UK.  Jihadi Sid, currently terrorising Syria, had a history of extremist tendencies, even appearing on TV news programs spouting his perverse ideoligy. Just before he and his family left for Syria he had been bailed by UK authorities when a court case was pending, presumably connected to his outlandish behaviour. Apparently he was thought dangerous enough to prosecute but not dangerous enough to stop him from fleeing by taking his passport from him.

The expensive and bloated intelligence services scream to be allowed to access every tiny detail of our lives but aren’t bright enough to instruct their lawyers to seize a suspected dangerous criminals passport from him to avoid him absconding. What a twisted world we live in when these fools supposedly protecting us have use of an unlimited cheque book but can’t even get the basics right.

An appeal to locate mother and her two children has been underway for two or three weeks in the UK. Three bodies have just been found in the locality of their garden. You couldn’t make this shit up.



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