One comment on “Israel demand absolute and total control.

  1. kleptomaniacs!
    note that they target the youngsters……they pick and choose the 1s in their prime, the most viable!
    how they chase ambulances 2 hackle them and kidnap seriously injured palestinians! … they invade sacred hospitals grounds, shoot and steal potential victims from their beds!
    savage tactics cant be designed by unmalicious intent!
    this page is written and edited by the hasbara,,,undoubtedly
    ~””Commanders and leaders
    Israel- Benjamin Netanyahu, Gilad Erdan, Moshe Ya’alon
    Palestine- Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashalm, Raed Salah””~
    to state that the impotent abbas can mandate and dictate nevertheless lead a unified popular movement and a civil uprising/intifada makes me cringe! :~s he’s loathsome, and thats me being kind :}

    regards ^^

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