The mainstream media is full of heart wrenching tales of the pain and misery of the inhabitants of Madaya in Syria. Unfortunately, Syrian suffering is not unique to Madaya but you wouldn’t know that by reading the recent report. Criticism of Assad is the priority, not civilian suffering, nothing new there.

Photos of the starving have been supplied by the helpful local activists but it strikes me as not very humanitarian, taking photographs of dying people rather than helping them. The BBC claim the siege has been intact since July and blame the Assad government, presumably relying on the ‘impartial’ statements of the activists and ignoring local deals that have been struck between the two sides previously. Other sieges in Syria are mentioned but more of an afterthought, probably because it is the terrorists who are imprisoning Assad supporting communities. The skewed reporting beggars belief. Despite all the horror stories surrounding atrocities carried out by the rebels, the media fall over themselves to criticise the government.

So the situation in Madaya has been happening for six months or more and undoubtedly innocent people are suffering. Madaya is very close to Damascus, I imagine it could be regarded as a suburb. It is close enough to many government areas that missiles can be fired from it and subsequently kill innocent civilians in Assad held areas. Seemingly these deaths don’t matter to the media.

I’m no military expert so I can’t understand how ‘rebels’ can be able to get an abundance of weapons in to Madaya yet they cannot smuggle food in. After all, it would take an enormous amount of fire power to defend a small region that is surrounded by the enemy.
The media think we are all stupid and there is plenty of evidence to support the theory. The internet should have changed all that and people only have themselves to blame for being conned by the huge corporation supporting television and newspaper industry. Maybe people just don’t care but they will do when an enemy is looming large to spoil their relatively idyllic lives. Syria wasn’t perfect, no country is. Corruption was probably rife and certain people looked after their own. The exact same can be said of the UK only ‘we’ do it on a much larger scale and just as in Syria only a small minority benefit and the masses pay a heavy price for them doing so. Will we be threatened with regime change? When will the armed rebellion come to our shores?




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