What if……

…….Michael Hilton had been a Middle Eastern looking gentleman called Aasim and had been shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’  before he plunged the scissors into the victims neck?


First of all the story would not have been a small report buried deep in the Daily Mail web page, it would have been the top story including numerous descriptions and variations of the word ‘terror’.

Not unlike the hypocrites who demand President Assad be brought to justice for allegedly killing his own people, yet ignore the catastrophic interventions  of Blair, Bush  and Cameron to name a few, this story is yet further evidence of double standards amongst Law and Order institutions and the corrupt media outlets around the world.

The likes of the Daily Mail, with their skewed and ignorant attempts to appear impartial fail miserably. They would be supported by almost all other major outlets in their misrepresentation of a Muslim suspect  who might be similarly accused of a violent crime, in the rush to claim an underlying terrorist motive.

The lack of  basic journalistic skills exposes a lazy profession that deliberately ignore easy to ascertain facts. Similarly, we can be sure the investigation of the recent Brussels attacks will fail to question the use of suicide bombers when the subtle abandoning of a remotely detonated weapon would be much more astute, militarily.


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