The silence of the Obama and the Cameron.

The Syrian Arab Army victory in Palmyra was a stunning success over the Daesh thugs and bogus Muslim chancers. The barbarity that has been on display has no place in any religion and anyone claiming that they have widespread support among Muslims are as uneducated as the delusional freaks who have tormented the Syrian people for over five years. Daesh do not and never have had popular approval from Syrians and any so called moderate opposition to Assad who have associated with them, will always be tainted.

The same can be said of those people who have tried to push the fantasy of a popular moderate opposition to the Syrian government. The vast majority of Syrian refugees have fled to areas INSIDE Syrian government controlled regions and these people clearly do not trust any of the anti Assad factions, with very good reason. The line between Daesh and moderates often needs close examination to separate them and even then, it’s almost impossible.

Whilst some of us cannot be blamed for our ignorance due to the blatant anti Assad propaganda filling our news reports over the years, Obama, Cameron and many others have no such excuse. The retaking of Palmyra was their last chance to (even grudgingly) express their gratitude to the Syrian forces for defending Syrians of all religions from the menace of Daesh and also for their heroic attempts to save Palmyra from further devastation. The marvelous and unique archaeological treasures of Palmyra should have been enjoyed in their entirety by people of all religions for years to come but only the Syrian Arab Army and their allies tried to defend it. Consider claims by the US to know exactly who fired the missile that brought down the Malaysian passenger jet over the Ukraine and then try to understand how they didn’t see the convoys of Daesh heading for Palmyra that could have quite easily been stopped by the curiously inactive USAF. Make no mistake, both the US and the majority of the West could have seriously damaged terrorist ambitions in Syria and Iraq if they had wanted to. Similarly, it has to be said just how easily ISIS managed to take all the US supplied equipment from Iraq without alarming the American foreign office. It appears that intervention into other countries business is purely on a case by case basis. Daesh apparently caused no sleepless nights in Washington or London.

Obama and his international gang of yes men haven’t uttered a word of thanks despite recent atrocities in Belgium and France claimed to have been carried out by the very same people who have just been expelled from Palmyra. The obvious conclusion we can draw is that they aren’t terribly impressed with how well the Syrian army are beginning to defeat ISIS even if those of us who take an interest in the conflict regard Palmyra as a crucial victory and a huge stride towards a more peaceful future for the Syrian people.

Perhaps the successful Russian involvement prevents them from praising recent Syrian victories but even if that were the case, surely striking a severe blow to those allegedly responsible** for atrocities in European cities that have killed many innocent people should be applauded?

……. Not by Obama and his pals, it would seem.

Really, its not such a great shock, after all, how many politicians or high ranking officials ever get caught up in events like what happened in Brussels or Paris? If people could only open their eyes to the glaring disparity in the value of politicians lives and those of the rest of us…….

**I’m not convinced at all that ISIS or its many variations were responsible for either events. Terrorist attacks in the US and Europe tend to benefit powerful people and corporations rather than the people who allegedly commit the crimes.


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