A new Israeli Ambassador to the UK.


This is Mark Regev, he is the new Israeli ambassador to the UK. An odious and disgusting little man who has featured on many TV news clips as an Israeli spokesman, attempting to justify scenes like this:

Mideast Israel Palestinians

…And this…


During both attacks on Gaza he tried (and succeeded sometimes because of Israeli friendly interviewers) to justify the flattening of huge areas of Gaza by claiming that ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’. Regev is a supremely accomplished liar, with an evasive manner that any conman would be proud of. He claimed thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel but failed produce much in the way of evidence. I found some for him.

amigour sderot 5

After searching online for hours, I eventually found this Israeli property that Regev seemingly believed requires a response so devastating that destroying 16,000 homes in Gaza would be acceptable. The damage to this building doesn’t look very serious because it isn’t.

So, Mr Regev, with the greatest respect and bearing in mind how many equally proficient lying politicians the UK already has, would you please have a little mercy and return to Israel or Australia. I’m hoping you might show us a little more compassion than you did those thousands of murdered and maimed children when you exaggerated and lied to continue their slaughter. I won’t hold my breath though.

Sadly, the devastated images of Gaza have barely changed since those pictures were taken. Israeli controls any building materials entering the strip, claiming that Hamas use it all to make bunkers and tunnels. The need for homes to be rebuilt in Gaza is an absolute priority and limitations on import is yet another excuse to administer collective punishment (which is a war crime according to the Geneva Convention).

So far as the Israeli property is concerned, I’d speculate that a scaffolding team and a couple of roofers managed to repair the damage the same afternoon.

Mr Regev should be deported or arrested for complicity in a mass murder.






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