Corbyn versus Teflon Tony

It should be no contest, Blair with all his powerful contacts and acclaimed public speaking skills, Corbyn, on the other hand never looking comfortable under the glaring, invasive spotlight of the UK media. It seems Blair still has a lot of influence within the current Labour Party, even to the extent that he was highly likely to have been instrumental in the resignations that were timed to make Corbyn’s short tenure as the leader of the Labour Party come to an abrupt end.

Despite the treacherous behaviour of (in particular from) Hilary Benn, Angela Eagle and Tom Watson (ally?) to remove Corbyn, he’s still there. Due to his none confrontational personality, Corbyn isn’t ideally suited to the cut and thrust of modern British politics, Cameron’s remarks at question time proves the point, they went unanswered. Most politicians would have shut Cameron up, using his own Brexit resignation as a stick to beat him with but it’s not Corbyn’s style.

What the Labour leader does have, in abundance, are principles. His lukewarm support to remain in Europe last week was an attempt to achieve some sort of unity amongst the Labour MP’s , however it appears that no matter what he said concerning the European vote, the knives were already sharpened to be rid of him. The Labour rebels have been plotting ever since Corbyn was elected (by a huge majority of rank and file Labour Party members) infiltrating his cabinet, knowing all the time they have a plan for his downfall. Not a very good plan, was it Comrades?

Out of the 172 Labour rebels who gave Corbyn a massive vote of no confidence last week, the majority will be Blairites and will have voted for the Iraq war when Blair was lying to the country about Saddam’s imaginary WMD. No matter how he tries to spin it, misinterpreted intelligence wasn’t the cause of the Iraq war and after reading Peter Obornes excellent new book ‘Not The Chilcot Report’, the evidence is even more compelling.

It’s been reported that Blair had a copy of the report for months and from his television appearance yesterday that would appear to be the case. The (apparent) instantaneous rebuttal is actually a crafted defence that has been made possible because of weeks of preparation, likely the result of numerous lawyers getting their heads together and spinning the criticisms. Blair’s acting abilities were in full view, very impressive they were too. The emotional voice cracking effect was top class.

Corbyn’s response was dignified, thoughtful but clearly lacking the input of an expensive PR team and yet again he failed to have the ‘killer instinct’ that could have severely embarrassed Blair. Cameron reiterated what many of us already know, New Labour and the Conservative Party are two sides of the same coin. ‘Lessons to be learned’ doesn’t cut it anymore, how many lessons do the ruling classes need before they learn? These people are supposed to be our very brightest individuals, however there was a glaringly obvious omission.

.Ian_Austin_MPIntroducing the Member for Dudley North, Ian Austin. Never heard of him? Neither had I until he told his party leader to shut up and sit down during his eloquent condemnation of Blair yesterday. What kind of example is that to set? I hope the voters in the Dudley North constituency remember this arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful clown at the next elections.



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