Where is the BBC?

Last week, the BBC and almost all of the mainstream media reported on a young lad rescued from a building in East Aleppo. What they deliberately didn’t convey is that this area is controlled by extremist rebels who have been killing civilians for months by knowingly launching missiles into the surrounding government controlled Aleppo areas. If the story about the little boy was true, (which is far from proven) it would warrant front page activity but what the media made more of a fuss over is the fact that East Aleppo is under a Syrian government siege. The fact that the terrorists are constantly attacking the civilians surrounding them didn’t get a mention. If they would stop shelling these areas there would be a very high likelihood that there could a be a truce, which has happened in other areas. The BBC doesn’t encourage peaceful solutions, it merely parrots the US and UK government’s take on events, no evidence required.

During the five year war, there have been dozens of villages completely cut off, both pro and anti government. However, it is almost exclusively anti Assad ‘sieges’ that are reported on. The largest Christian town in Syria is currently under threat from extremists and yet there is an eerie silence. Perhaps even the BBC hasn’t got the brass neck to empathise with terrorist ‘victims’ one week, and then criticise the very same people the next week for attacking Christians.

Surprisingly, at least two of the countries marked up for regime change by the Neocon Zionists have had very healthy numbers of Christians living in them. Before the assault on Iraq for instance, there was 1.4 million. The estimation now is around 200,000.Christianity amongst many other religious faiths were protected by Assad in Syria and Saddam had a similar attitude to them in Iraq.

It’s absolutely clear now that Saddam’s removal wasn’t for any weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was designated to be a threat to Israel because of Saddam’s support for the Palestinians. Syrian support for Hezbollah is the reason for the chaos in that country.   In the US the support for Israel is strongest, as the standing ovations proved during his last speech there revealed.  Israeli support in the UK is a little more low key and limits itself to Conservative/Labour Friends of Israel, which includes a huge amount of British politicians past and present. No friends of Palestine here ………

The BBC bias isn’t limited to terrorists in Syria, they have produced several documentaries that would make a career propagandist’s hair curl, somehow concluding that the attack on the Gaza flotilla was a mistake due to the chaos created by the people on the ship. Nothing to do with the very precise boarding from helicopters in the dead of night then?

So it’s all for Israel then? I wouldn’t say ‘all’ but isn’t it odd how they always tend to be beneficiaries of other countries foreign (mis)adventures?


Israeli military declares itself not guilty.

Stunning ‘not guilty’ verdict…….. Again!!

 Whenever Israeli troops are accused of criminality or misconduct during their repeated assaults on Gaza (or their permanent presence in the West Bank), they can always depend on the investigators (themselves) to produce the favoured conclusion. 16,000 homes reduced to rubble by the Israeli military and not one of them was unjustifiable? The whole process is not just bizarre but also insulting to any observers intelligence. It’s like a ridiculously ironic comedy sketch or a serial killer declaring his multiple murders as explainable accidents.

The Israeli Defence Force have a free reign to commit murder, assault, steal or anything else they choose to do the Palestinians because the investigation process will protect the guilty. Even on the rare occasion it can’t explain away an horrific crime, the punishment will allow the perpetrator to end up with nothing more than a derisory downgrading of his military rank or ‘time already served’ sentence.

This common behaviour isn’t just an injustice to the Palestinians, it’s a constant reminder that no matter what crimes are committed on them , there will never be anyone brought to justice for it. What makes the situation worse is that when the Palestinians are on the receiving end of Israeli military proceedings, they are little more than kangaroo courts. The hopelessness must be soul destroying and despite our own misgivings with regards our own criminal justice system, it’s perfect in comparison.

It’s not just the Israeli military that ‘gets away with murder’. The illegal settlements are full of people that quite literally consider the Arabs to be inferior. So while the IDF protect them, they are allowed to bully, beat, harass and generally make the lives of the Palestinians living close to these abominations, absolutely intolerable. If you wanted to design the most unfair community system, the Israelis have already designed it. Unless something is done to reign these thuggish Israeli bullies in, they will simply become even worse.

Despite the shocking conditions they endure, the Palestinian resilience is incredible. For decades they have seen their living conditions deteriorate, the grip of the occupation tightening and yet they will not be beaten and if I were a Jewish Israeli citizen, I would be more than a little worried. The military superiority of the IDF doesn’t deter them, neither does  the slaughtering of their neighbours and the flattening of their villages. It’s obvious to me that if all this didn’t drive the Palestinians out, nothing will. There will become a point where Israel is vulnerable and the years of torment unleashed. I hope the Palestinians can find it in their hearts to be much more charitable than the Zionist’s have been to them.



Tim Rhodes RIP.

Because his friends weren’t allowed to pay their last respects to Tim, a small notice in the local newspaper was planned. Here we are, three weeks later and still unable to inform any associates that he lost his battle with cancer. The newspaper need confirmation he has died but is unable to acquire it. It isn’t known for sure what date he was cremated on so currently, it’s impossible to even do this small gesture.

Tim’s sister in law, Julia Rhodes has claimed that Tim had informed her he wanted no fuss when he died, I assume this is her reasoning for there being no ceremony and instead his body was simply ‘disposed of in a legally acceptable manner’. I don’t like to cast aspersions but the cost didn’t enter the equation, did it? Why would Tim have told one friend precisely which music he wanted playing at his funeral, if this were the case? No one else has said he didn’t want ‘any fuss’, so why should the word of his sister in law be trusted after she has denied Tim the normal kind of ‘send off’ that most of us would approve. It’s as if he never existed. Well, he did and his larger than life character has made a lasting impression on people, even the ones that had only met him briefly. It’s a travesty that a person who made so many people smile should be allowed to disappear without him barely being mentioned.

notices TJ

This isn’t the real thing I know, and I’m under no illusion that it will inform the amount of people the newspaper would but it’s a tribute all the same. Hopefully, a proper event will be arranged in Cherry Willingham, where Tim had made many friends over the more recent years. I haven’t given up on it going in the Lincolnshire Echo just yet.

Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.

ISIS public relations department have made some awful mistakes, for example the young Palestinian beheaded just a few weeks ago (the group that did this crime aren’t categorised as extremists by US and UK authorities) and rebel sources claimed they had all been arrested, however they were photographed during the recent battle in Aleppo, days after the murder.The footage of rows of prisoners about to be executed have been curtailed. Overall the management of video and photographs by Daesh is generally extremely efficient  and professional, dare I say it?

The latest propaganda concerns a picture of a young lad called Omran Daqneesh, from the rebel controlled part of Aleppo who was pulled from a collapsed building. Weren’t all civilians caught up in the war given safe corridors to escape by the Russians and Syrian armed forces recently, why didn’t this family take that opportunity?

These two images are from different angles but the boys appearance seems to be identical in both. They are stills from video footage. So, while this lad looks to be suffering from the effects of a Syrian or Russian air force attack, the cameraman is shooting video. Forgive me for being cynical but the Syrian Civil Defence (formerly described as White Helmets) are likely to be the source for these images and there is a reason they are now the SCD. The WH were exposed numerous times as the propagandists for Daesh and numerous members were also seen in other images, armed with weapons and clearly amongst the ‘rebels’. They were caught lying about photograph dates and even used the same image on two separate attacks, ten days apart. Despite claiming to be neutral and not armed, they have been shown standing on the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers and calling them dogs. They only function in areas which are rebel controlled and they are armed.

This group, whether they are Syrian Civil Defence or White Helmets have been thoroughly discredited and proven beyond doubt to be untrustworthy. These images on the news channels would suggest that they have fallen for another set up and the journalists seem to have forgotten basic research methods.

Anti-Semitism versus Anti Arab-ism

The accusations of Anti-Semitism toward the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn was elected seem to be never ending. The complainants like to camouflage the differences between hatred of Jews (for no other reason than they are Jews) and justifiable criticism of an extreme right wing Israeli government. Netanyahu’s hatred of Palestinians has become more obvious as each year goes by. The rhetoric has become in some ways much more honest and he’s able to stick two fingers up at the extremely weak Obama, knowing that he can’t do anything about the huge amounts of ‘aid’ being lined up for Tel Aviv.

Back to Corbyn, this morning I read an article on the independent journalist website, The Canary. Here is a link to it:


I didn’t actually read it all because by the time I’d got a part of the way through it, I’d decided it wasn’t that interesting and that I wouldn’t waste any more time with it. The writer, Alex Mcnamara claimed he is qualified to criticise a column in the Daily Mail that I will link to here:


Mr Mcnamara claims to be very qualified to comment on the issue because he is Jewish and his fathers family were wiped out. Then he wrote this:

Nothing is black and white. The Israel-Palestine conflict is an extremely complex situation, and only someone quite naive would suggest the conflict is entirely the fault of one side or the other.”

First of all I would argue that it’s not so complex. The Palestinians were living their first (along with a number of Jews, quite peacefully) and after initially ethnically cleansing them, Israeli Jews are now demanding and taking more land from the Arab population and building Jewish only ‘settlements’. Home demolitions are widespread, usually under the pretence of building regulations infringements, checkpoints with caged holding pens for the Palestinians (that’s right, not the Jewish population, they pass through without a problem) are everywhere. The simplest of errands can potentially take hours with no guarantee of success. Israel supplies the vast majority  of goods available in the West Bank and therefore have captive consumers. Heaven sent circumstances, if you are the seller. Children are routinely harassed on their way to school by gun wielding settler thugs, even if the IDF are around they seldom intervene. I could go on describing the blatant prejudices for paragraphs, but unlike Mr Mcnamara, I wouldn’t want to over complicate the issues.

I’m sorry that his father in laws family were wiped out but it wasn’t the Palestinians that killed them all and neither his background nor his religion makes him any more capable to discuss Anti-Semitism than anyone else.

“The same is true of even a basic willingness to hear out those who would argue on behalf of the Palestinian people. Israel has undoubtedly committed atrocities, but so have some Palestinian organisations.”

The problem with this statement is that he insinuates that the two sides can even be compared. The Palestinians are the occupied and the Israelis the occupier. One inflicts it’s will on the other. They are legally allowed to resist and the only surprise is that they don’t resist more. Meanwhile, if we want to talk about prejudices, only certain people are allowed to move to Israel and to gain citizenship we would have to be a certain religion.



Police statements.

Ever since the brutal execution of Jean Charles de Menezes over ten years ago, I’ve been suspicious of Police statements that are broadcast concerning the circumstances of a high profile case. Almost everything they said about the events preceding the untimely death of the Brazilian at the Stockwell tube station was untrue. Claims he had been running, to evade the following plain clothes Policemen and that he was wearing an unusually bulky coat were complete fabrications but stated as fact shortly after the tragedy. No one is ever disciplined for telling these lies and so it seems to be accepted practice, putting the suggestion out to the public that ‘the victim’ was in the wrong, long before any inquiries have taken place by Police investigation authorities. It’s a tactic, pure and simple.

The death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson this week after being tasered by Police appears to have provoked a tale of his bad behaviour before he was subdued. It should be referred straight to the IPCC and officers involved or even statements concerning the events prohibited. Criminals aren’t allowed to blabber their side of the story all over the news before a court case is brought to trial, neither should the Police.

I have no idea if the Police behaved correctly during the disturbance but what is obvious is that the officers involved shouldn’t be given front pages of the tabloids to put forward their version before it’s properly investigated.

An open letter to Mrs Julia Rhodes.

You didn’t know Tim very well, did you Mrs Rhodes? From your behaviour since Tim’s death, you didn’t like him very much either. His many friends that were aware of his passing away have tried to find out about his funeral but you, for some bizarre reason, wouldn’t tell them. Avoiding a wake isn’t such a crime, considering how many turn out to be unforgiving and marred by petty squabbles between surviving relatives. However, that wasn’t a problem in this instance, you his brother and your two sons being the only family he left behind. Not allowing people to say goodbye to him is quite different.

So what were the daily visits for? I wouldn’t do what you have done to Tim to my worst enemy, never mind a brother in law. What did he do to you that made you want him to suffer effectively a paupers funeral? Was it a feeling of contempt for his friends or was it for Tim? It certainly wasn’t financial because Tim had already signed over his worldly possessions weeks ago and he had a tidy sum in his bank account. Did you tell him before he succumbed to cancer that you weren’t going to tell anyone when his funeral was? He knew you would simply hire a skip when he was gone and discard anything you didn’t find valuable, just like you did with his parents belongings. Empathy isn’t a strong point, is it Mrs Rhodes?

The day he signed the will, was he aware that you had already got two people lined up to bear witness? You knew he had a very trusting nature, even when it was blatantly obvious to the rest of us that someone might not have his best interest at heart. I believe you abused that knowledge.

You weren’t there to help Tim cope with the demise of his parents, were you? I could speculate that it was because there was nothing in it for you or his cowardly brother. Speaking of which, he wasn’t slow to pick up the family car when Tim was convicted of drink driving and didn’t bother to compensate him for it either. I know the banking fraternity don’t have a good reputation but Andrew doesn’t have to live up to it.

Now that I mention banking, I’m told that Wilson Rhodes (Tim’s dad) was a very shrewd man, very knowledgeable in the stock market it would seem. I would imagine he built up quite a portfolio during his many years as a well respected bank manager. Tim would have known all about this, I assume.

You, Mrs Rhodes have displayed the most callous, disgusting and even treacherous behaviour towards Tim, I’m finding it very difficult to put into words. You have reached the lowest depths of what can be done to someone after they die, lacking even a morsel of human kindness, I hope you’re very proud of yourself. The satisfaction we get from short term gains doesn’t last forever but a bad reputation tends to stay with us for a long time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

By the way, we have put a bereavement notice in the local newspaper, I expect you’ve been too busy maintaining a veil of secrecy over the date of his funeral, which by all accounts was today (Monday 15th August). Sadly, his many friends didn’t get the chance to say goodbye because of you but I expect you made sure it was a fitting tribute to him. I’m presuming you did go to his funeral, didn’t you?