Where is the BBC?

Last week, the BBC and almost all of the mainstream media reported on a young lad rescued from a building in East Aleppo. What they deliberately didn't convey is that this area is controlled by extremist rebels who have been killing civilians for months by knowingly launching missiles into the surrounding government controlled Aleppo areas. … Continue reading Where is the BBC?


Israeli military declares itself not guilty.

Stunning 'not guilty' verdict........ Again!! ¬†Whenever Israeli troops are accused of criminality or misconduct during their repeated assaults on Gaza (or their permanent presence in the West Bank), they can always depend on the investigators (themselves) to produce the favoured conclusion. 16,000 homes reduced to rubble by the Israeli military and not one of them … Continue reading Israeli military declares itself not guilty.

Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.

ISIS public relations department have made some awful mistakes, for example the young Palestinian beheaded just a few weeks ago (the group that did this crime aren't categorised as extremists by US and UK authorities) and rebel sources claimed they had all been arrested, however they were photographed during the recent battle in Aleppo, days … Continue reading Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.

Anti-Semitism versus Anti Arab-ism

The accusations of Anti-Semitism toward the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn was elected seem to be never ending. The complainants like to camouflage the differences between hatred of Jews (for no other reason than they are Jews) and justifiable criticism of an extreme right wing Israeli government. Netanyahu's hatred of Palestinians has become more obvious … Continue reading Anti-Semitism versus Anti Arab-ism