Syria:White Helmets repeating old tricks.

From a BBC report:

“a spokesman for Syria Civil Defence told Reuters that 33 people had been affected in the attack.”

What this particular report doesn’t make clear is that the Syria Civil defence are commonly known as the White Helmets. They claim that barrel bombs filled with chlorine were used by the Syrian or Russian Air Force.

“We have 28 confirmed cases, mostly women and children.”

The video accompanying the report only shows males wearing nebulisers and despite the warning of ‘disturbing images’, the clip is thoroughly unconvincing. I can only assume that the reason the BBC don’t use the term ‘White Helmets’ is because they have been repeatedly exposed as being allies of terrorist groups in Syria.

The murdered British MP, Jo Cox supported the White Helmets and they are going to be recipients of part of a fund set up after her death. Considering the vast amount of resources our representatives must have at their disposal, it is peculiar that Ms Cox wasn’t aware that the group only operate in terrorist controlled areas and on more than one occasion, been strongly linked with atrocities committed by Al Nusra and their affiliates.

The anti Assad terrorists in Syria appear to have an enviable public relations team. Influencing the BBC, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media to such a degree is something the advertising and promotions industry can only dream of, without it costing a lot of money. I find it very difficult to believe that so many (supposedly) intelligent high ranking media people could be so gullible to fall for these amateurish productions without being absolutely complicit.


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