The Palestinian problem.

A shocking and revealing video shows the sadistic and cruel mentality towards a little 8-year-old Palestinian girl, Anwar Burqan, who is simply playing, just like any other child would, anywhere in the world. This soldier has been suspended but he will be quietly reinstated, maybe even promoted. His superiors will warn him to be more careful not to be filmed in future.

It’s not easy to film someone without their knowledge, particularly using a mobile phone or camera. Hopefully, a Palestinian electronics genius will design a tiny power supply that will power an old mobile phone camera. It will be almost impossible to detect and subsequently events like  this (which happen every day) can be recorded for the world to see what a sick society Israel has become. Due to conscription, the morals or lack of, are simply a reflection of the general population and the way it thinks. The only way to distance oneself from this ideology would to be to refuse to join the military.


The soldiers have claimed that they were simply stopping her from getting hurt by not allowing her to ride her bike into dangerous Jewish areas where Palestinian Arabs are not allowed. They also claim their lack of Arabic language skills stopped them from telling her. This excuse is poor to the extreme, all they had to do was point her in the right direction, why was seizing her cycle necessary?


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