An open letter to Mrs Julia Rhodes.

You didn’t know Tim very well, did you Mrs Rhodes? From your behaviour since Tim’s death, you didn’t like him very much either. His many friends that were aware of his passing away have tried to find out about his funeral but you, for some bizarre reason, wouldn’t tell them. Avoiding a wake isn’t such a crime, considering how many turn out to be unforgiving and marred by petty squabbles between surviving relatives. However, that wasn’t a problem in this instance, you his brother and your two sons being the only family he left behind. Not allowing people to say goodbye to him is quite different.

So what were the daily visits for? I wouldn’t do what you have done to Tim to my worst enemy, never mind a brother in law. What did he do to you that made you want him to suffer effectively a paupers funeral? Was it a feeling of contempt for his friends or was it for Tim? It certainly wasn’t financial because Tim had already signed over his worldly possessions weeks ago and he had a tidy sum in his bank account. Did you tell him before he succumbed to cancer that you weren’t going to tell anyone when his funeral was? He knew you would simply hire a skip when he was gone and discard anything you didn’t find valuable, just like you did with his parents belongings. Empathy isn’t a strong point, is it Mrs Rhodes?

The day he signed the will, was he aware that you had already got two people lined up to bear witness? You knew he had a very trusting nature, even when it was blatantly obvious to the rest of us that someone might not have his best interest at heart. I believe you abused that knowledge.

You weren’t there to help Tim cope with the demise of his parents, were you? I could speculate that it was because there was nothing in it for you or his cowardly brother. Speaking of which, he wasn’t slow to pick up the family car when Tim was convicted of drink driving and didn’t bother to compensate him for it either. I know the banking fraternity don’t have a good reputation but Andrew doesn’t have to live up to it.

Now that I mention banking, I’m told that Wilson Rhodes (Tim’s dad) was a very shrewd man, very knowledgeable in the stock market it would seem. I would imagine he built up quite a portfolio during his many years as a well respected bank manager. Tim would have known all about this, I assume.

You, Mrs Rhodes have displayed the most callous, disgusting and even treacherous behaviour towards Tim, I’m finding it very difficult to put into words. You have reached the lowest depths of what can be done to someone after they die, lacking even a morsel of human kindness, I hope you’re very proud of yourself. The satisfaction we get from short term gains doesn’t last forever but a bad reputation tends to stay with us for a long time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

By the way, we have put a bereavement notice in the local newspaper, I expect you’ve been too busy maintaining a veil of secrecy over the date of his funeral, which by all accounts was today (Monday 15th August). Sadly, his many friends didn’t get the chance to say goodbye because of you but I expect you made sure it was a fitting tribute to him. I’m presuming you did go to his funeral, didn’t you?


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