Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.

ISIS public relations department have made some awful mistakes, for example the young Palestinian beheaded just a few weeks ago (the group that did this crime aren’t categorised as extremists by US and UK authorities) and rebel sources claimed they had all been arrested, however they were photographed during the recent battle in Aleppo, days after the murder.The footage of rows of prisoners about to be executed have been curtailed. Overall the management of video and photographs by Daesh is generally extremely efficient  and professional, dare I say it?

The latest propaganda concerns a picture of a young lad called Omran Daqneesh, from the rebel controlled part of Aleppo who was pulled from a collapsed building. Weren’t all civilians caught up in the war given safe corridors to escape by the Russians and Syrian armed forces recently, why didn’t this family take that opportunity?

These two images are from different angles but the boys appearance seems to be identical in both. They are stills from video footage. So, while this lad looks to be suffering from the effects of a Syrian or Russian air force attack, the cameraman is shooting video. Forgive me for being cynical but the Syrian Civil Defence (formerly described as White Helmets) are likely to be the source for these images and there is a reason they are now the SCD. The WH were exposed numerous times as the propagandists for Daesh and numerous members were also seen in other images, armed with weapons and clearly amongst the ‘rebels’. They were caught lying about photograph dates and even used the same image on two separate attacks, ten days apart. Despite claiming to be neutral and not armed, they have been shown standing on the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers and calling them dogs. They only function in areas which are rebel controlled and they are armed.

This group, whether they are Syrian Civil Defence or White Helmets have been thoroughly discredited and proven beyond doubt to be untrustworthy. These images on the news channels would suggest that they have fallen for another set up and the journalists seem to have forgotten basic research methods.

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