Tim Rhodes RIP.

Because his friends weren’t allowed to pay their last respects to Tim, a small notice in the local newspaper was planned. Here we are, three weeks later and still unable to inform any associates that he lost his battle with cancer. The newspaper need confirmation he has died but is unable to acquire it. It isn’t known for sure what date he was cremated on so currently, it’s impossible to even do this small gesture.

Tim’s sister in law, Julia Rhodes has claimed that Tim had informed her he wanted no fuss when he died, I assume this is her reasoning for there being no ceremony and instead his body was simply ‘disposed of in a legally acceptable manner’. I don’t like to cast aspersions but the cost didn’t enter the equation, did it? Why would Tim have told one friend precisely which music he wanted playing at his funeral, if this were the case? No one else has said he didn’t want ‘any fuss’, so why should the word of his sister in law be trusted after she has denied Tim the normal kind of ‘send off’ that most of us would approve. It’s as if he never existed. Well, he did and his larger than life character has made a lasting impression on people, even the ones that had only met him briefly. It’s a travesty that a person who made so many people smile should be allowed to disappear without him barely being mentioned.

notices TJ

This isn’t the real thing I know, and I’m under no illusion that it will inform the amount of people the newspaper would but it’s a tribute all the same. Hopefully, a proper event will be arranged in Cherry Willingham, where Tim had made many friends over the more recent years. I haven’t given up on it going in the Lincolnshire Echo just yet.

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