Israeli military declares itself not guilty.

Stunning ‘not guilty’ verdict…….. Again!!

 Whenever Israeli troops are accused of criminality or misconduct during their repeated assaults on Gaza (or their permanent presence in the West Bank), they can always depend on the investigators (themselves) to produce the favoured conclusion. 16,000 homes reduced to rubble by the Israeli military and not one of them was unjustifiable? The whole process is not just bizarre but also insulting to any observers intelligence. It’s like a ridiculously ironic comedy sketch or a serial killer declaring his multiple murders as explainable accidents.

The Israeli Defence Force have a free reign to commit murder, assault, steal or anything else they choose to do the Palestinians because the investigation process will protect the guilty. Even on the rare occasion it can’t explain away an horrific crime, the punishment will allow the perpetrator to end up with nothing more than a derisory downgrading of his military rank or ‘time already served’ sentence.

This common behaviour isn’t just an injustice to the Palestinians, it’s a constant reminder that no matter what crimes are committed on them , there will never be anyone brought to justice for it. What makes the situation worse is that when the Palestinians are on the receiving end of Israeli military proceedings, they are little more than kangaroo courts. The hopelessness must be soul destroying and despite our own misgivings with regards our own criminal justice system, it’s perfect in comparison.

It’s not just the Israeli military that ‘gets away with murder’. The illegal settlements are full of people that quite literally consider the Arabs to be inferior. So while the IDF protect them, they are allowed to bully, beat, harass and generally make the lives of the Palestinians living close to these abominations, absolutely intolerable. If you wanted to design the most unfair community system, the Israelis have already designed it. Unless something is done to reign these thuggish Israeli bullies in, they will simply become even worse.

Despite the shocking conditions they endure, the Palestinian resilience is incredible. For decades they have seen their living conditions deteriorate, the grip of the occupation tightening and yet they will not be beaten and if I were a Jewish Israeli citizen, I would be more than a little worried. The military superiority of the IDF doesn’t deter them, neither does  the slaughtering of their neighbours and the flattening of their villages. It’s obvious to me that if all this didn’t drive the Palestinians out, nothing will. There will become a point where Israel is vulnerable and the years of torment unleashed. I hope the Palestinians can find it in their hearts to be much more charitable than the Zionist’s have been to them.



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