Where is the BBC?

Last week, the BBC and almost all of the mainstream media reported on a young lad rescued from a building in East Aleppo. What they deliberately didn’t convey is that this area is controlled by extremist rebels who have been killing civilians for months by knowingly launching missiles into the surrounding government controlled Aleppo areas. If the story about the little boy was true, (which is far from proven) it would warrant front page activity but what the media made more of a fuss over is the fact that East Aleppo is under a Syrian government siege. The fact that the terrorists are constantly attacking the civilians surrounding them didn’t get a mention. If they would stop shelling these areas there would be a very high likelihood that there could a be a truce, which has happened in other areas. The BBC doesn’t encourage peaceful solutions, it merely parrots the US and UK government’s take on events, no evidence required.

During the five year war, there have been dozens of villages completely cut off, both pro and anti government. However, it is almost exclusively anti Assad ‘sieges’ that are reported on. The largest Christian town in Syria is currently under threat from extremists and yet there is an eerie silence. Perhaps even the BBC hasn’t got the brass neck to empathise with terrorist ‘victims’ one week, and then criticise the very same people the next week for attacking Christians.

Surprisingly, at least two of the countries marked up for regime change by the Neocon Zionists have had very healthy numbers of Christians living in them. Before the assault on Iraq for instance, there was 1.4 million. The estimation now is around 200,000.Christianity amongst many other religious faiths were protected by Assad in Syria and Saddam had a similar attitude to them in Iraq.

It’s absolutely clear now that Saddam’s removal wasn’t for any weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was designated to be a threat to Israel because of Saddam’s support for the Palestinians. Syrian support for Hezbollah is the reason for the chaos in that country.   In the US the support for Israel is strongest, as the standing ovations proved during his last speech there revealed.  Israeli support in the UK is a little more low key and limits itself to Conservative/Labour Friends of Israel, which includes a huge amount of British politicians past and present. No friends of Palestine here ………

The BBC bias isn’t limited to terrorists in Syria, they have produced several documentaries that would make a career propagandist’s hair curl, somehow concluding that the attack on the Gaza flotilla was a mistake due to the chaos created by the people on the ship. Nothing to do with the very precise boarding from helicopters in the dead of night then?

So it’s all for Israel then? I wouldn’t say ‘all’ but isn’t it odd how they always tend to be beneficiaries of other countries foreign (mis)adventures?


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