America – The harsh reality.

The often used ‘Greatest nation in the world’ phrase is correct for all the wrong reasons, if US behaviour in Syria is anything to go by. The pretence of fighting terrorism is shattered. The USAAF has been used as air support for Daesh resulting in the deaths of many Syrian patriots who were just trying to defend their country. Syria wasn’t perfect but different religions had been existing for many years together without much problem, unlike many other countries, especially Israel.

The United States of ISIS, perhaps?


The US has been covertly helping Syrian rebels in many different ways ever since their ambassador, Robert Stephen Ford stayed in Syria after the troubles began and was openly encouraging the opponents of Bashar Al Assad. He was travelling around Syria, addressing protesters, despite it breaking ambassador protocols. Since then he has been a fervent supporter of supplying weapons to ‘moderate rebels’, even though it has been common knowledge that these weapons end up in the hands of universally recognised, banned extremists. The US government has demanded Assad’s removal even though it has no legal or even moral grounds to do so. Likewise with many other governments, including UK , France and Israel.

Evidence of increasing US support for the opposition has been difficult to confirm but strongly suspected as the conflict progressed. The first serious ceasefire ended up being a chance to rearm and supply struggling terrorists who were losing ground to loyalist Syrian forces. They were revitalised by this good fortune which the US had motivated in negotiations with Russia. Despite this, another ceasefire was brokered more recently which produced the same outcome but was eventually ended by the ‘accidental’ attack on Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor. The US military have been involved in numerous ‘friendly fire’ incidents in recent years but nothing like this.

The Syrian Arab Army and their allies had been in control of the area protecting Deir Ezzor airport for over six months. They hadn’t just taken control of it and unlike Aleppo, for instance, the battlefield and regional control wasn’t wildly fluctuating. ISIS and it’s cohorts had in fact been trying to conquer the mountain top, without success. However, only minutes after the ferocious attack on Syrian forces, ISIS themselves attacked and removed them from the positions they held and even now still control these areas.

The geographical position of Deir Ezzor is an important aspect regarding US ambitions for Syria. If it were to fall to opposition forces it would effectively end Syrian government control over the eastern side of the country. The US attack on Syrian troops finally removes any doubt about their support for Daesh and it also confirms earlier suspicions of direct involvement in assisting them. I was under the impression it was illegal in the US to aid a terrorist group? If this is true, it means the US can’t even abide by it’s own laws, never mind International. I don’t take much notice of Russian politics, so I’m indifferent to Putin but Russian support for Assad has been critical in avoiding ‘another Libya’ and for that we should all be thankful.



Panorama: BBC attempts at whitewashing terrorism.

BBC Panorama Aleppo – Life Under Siege

This documentary, from start to finish was anti Assad propaganda. Scenes of distraught civilians amongst the ruins of a relatively small part of Aleppo, formerly the industrial and financial hub of the country. The program primarily showed White Helmets going about their business. Essentially, they are the fire brigade of Al Nusra and the program purported to show what life is like inside the rebel areas. To anyone that doesn’t know much about the situation, they wouldn’t know that this was inside an area that was controlled by armed militants, against the legitimate government of Syria.

There was no footage of terrorists wielding M16’s or Kalashnikovs shouting AllahHuAkbar but it didn’t take long for the mention of ‘barrel bombs’. These incendiaries are used to prove how demonic the Assad government is. They are not regular missiles fired from aircraft but there is no reason to believe that they are any more or less despicable than conventional weapons. There was no mention of government controlled areas being terrorised by Al Nusra terrorists from inside this zone.

To give a better understanding of the situation (which Panorama didn’t do) here is a map of Aleppo identifying who controls what areas.



The two areas of green are anti government forces, pink pro Assad and yellow is a Kurd controlled region. This map changes daily but any Syrians living outside the green parts are constantly under attack from mortars and shell fire. The BBC wanted to portray an unarmed, besieged population living under constant threat of air strikes, it was as if there was no reason for the conflict. Here is a picture of the poor dears firing one of their infamous ‘hell fire cannons’.


This one sided program appears to be part of the media surge calling for another cease-fire. The World Health Organisation have appealed for escape corridors to be opened for the injured. There was an opportunity to do that very recently but hardly anyone left the area. Whether it was because they didn’t want to or the rebels wouldn’t let them, I don’t know. The plea from the WHO is likely a politically motivated gesture. Very few of the ‘respected’ International agencies are free from the pressures of powerful governments and as they say, ‘The piper calls the tune’.

Netflix – The White Helmets

I haven’t watched this but by the description, it’s just another propaganda piece claiming that the White Helmets are heroes. As well as the preposterous nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, they are winning the publicity war, thanks to the BBC and Netflix amongst others.

Yet again, the White Helmets.

The man who was so fortunate to be at the recent attack on the Syrian Red Crescent has made a bit of mess of things. Firstly, he was the White Helmet spokesperson who explained what he believed had happened to the aid convoy attacked by unknown forces.Here he is, in a still from the video:


However, despite him wearing his White Helmet with pride, he seems to have a very murky past which has just caught up with him. On a twitter account, the user Francisco Nunes has managed to get an image of our hero in slightly different circumstances:


(I hope you don’t mind me using this, Francisco Nunes)

For some reason, the image has been removed from his Facebook account. The photo, from 2014 is yet another nail in the coffin of the White Helmets. This useless gang of Syrian traitors should now slink away into the gutter, where they belong.

The White Helmets and the British criminal that created them should finally now give the pretence. The UK tax payers should also demand the return of the £19 million that was given to these bunch of crooks and killers.


Why the sudden interest in victims of war?

The BBC despair over another dust covered child being rescued from a collapsed building due to a missile attack. It’s long overdue but where were the cries for alleviating the effects of war on Lebanese and Gaza children when the Israelis were making Aleppo look like a garden party? They didn’t seem so perplexed when Israel dropped millions of lethal cluster bombs AFTER they had agreed a ceasefire with Hezbollah. These armaments have been killing Lebanese civilians ever since, mostly children playing.  Areas of Gaza were completely flattened (and still are) but the BBC simply stressed that Israel were only defending themselves.

Isn’t Bashar Al Assad allowed to protect his people from terrorists that are killing and maiming them on a daily basis? Don’t they have the right to self defence? BBC reporters are complaining that terrorist controlled areas haven’t got clean drinking water. Kid’s in Gaza have been wading around in raw sewage for years and the first thing the terrorists do if they get chance is to sever clean water supplies to Government regions in Syria.

There are no BBC complaints when Israel inflict every type of cruel torture on to Palestinians, why the double standards for murderous terrorists? Why do only Israel have the exclusive right to protection and why are they allowed to judge who is a terrorist and who isn’t?

Why were over 100 Syrian soldiers being slaughtered in an attack that has created severe consequences for the innocent civilians of Deir Ezzor almost completely ignored by the MSM, yet the death of one Western soldier or civilian is regarded as a catastrophic event, for example the killing of a US Ambassador and some special forces in Libya? It was as if the world was about to end when the victims were American. Hillary Clinton was laughing at Gadaffi’s demise in the most hideous way.

Why are the Russians and Syrians immediately blamed for every heinous crime in Syria yet a deliberate act of aggression by US fighter jets that could result in ISIS conquering a city of 300,000 is by passed as merely an accident. If Deir Ezzor falls to these madmen, the US will be directly responsible and Obama exposed as the President of War crimes on a level with Blair and Bush.

Finally, how can the White Helmets who have been caught on camera abusing Syrian soldiers dead bodies and walking around with machine guns over their shoulder be awarded an alternative Nobel prize? They have been proven to be waiting off camera while a prisoner has been executed and then they remove his body. They are clearly sectarian and only support people in Sunni areas. Why are these charlatans who claim to be independent, the recipients of our income tax contributions to the tune of £millions? The White Helmets are not a group of charitable good Samaritans, they are completely infiltrated in to the terrorist networks and the Syrian government rightly treat them as such.

Tip of the iceberg.

These brave Syrian Arab Army soldiers who lost their lives at the hands of the murderous US Air Force. A deliberate and calculated attack coinciding with a well timed ISIS assault. The US can deny it’s collusion but history will condemn Barack Obama and his butchering minions.

Sadly, this list is just the tip of the iceberg of brave men and women who in their own way have battled against powerful and corrupt criminal politicians. May they rest in peace and not die in vain. InshAllah.

  1. Yousif Ahmad ‘Umrani (137th Brigade)
  2. Fadi ‘Umar Al-Jissri (137th Brigade)
  3. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Jassim (137th Brigade)
  4. ‘Abdel-Qader ‘Alaaddine Al-Saleh (123th Brigade)
  5. Isma’eel Salim Al-‘Aklah (123th Brigade)
  6. Ahmad Mahmoud Urfali (137th Brigade)
  7. Suleiman Hussein Al-‘Ali (123th Brigade)
  8. ‘Ali Al-Kurdi (123th Brigade)
  9. Rabe’a ‘Abdel-Kareem Al-Hussnawi (119th Regiment)
  10. Khaled Taleb Najjar (119th Regiment)
  11. Hani Dawoud Al-Shamali (119th Regiment)
  12. Sameh Isma’eel (119th Regiment)
  13. ‘Abdullah Hamadeh Al-‘Ali (119th Regiment)
  14. Majd Hussein Za’younah (119th Regiment)
  15. Lt. Samer ‘Ali Wahid (Border Guard)
  16. Kanaan Mahmoud ‘Abboud (Border Guard)
  17. ‘Ali Hussein Al-Ahmad (Border Guard)
  18. Wahid Yahya Tawlar Qaji (Border Guard)
  19. ‘Abdel-Malek Al-Mazal Al-Hussein (Border Guard)
  20. Lt. Mu’atez Ibrahim (30th Tank Division)
  21. ‘Abdel-Qader Mahmoud Hajj ‘Abdullah Farwati (30th Tank Division)
  22. Jama’ah Wahid Moussa (30th Tank Division)
  23. Wahid Kaylani (National Defense Forces)
  24. Suleiman Hussein Al-‘Abboud (National Defense Forces)
  25. Haytham Urfani (National Defense Forces)
  26. Firas Wahid Al-Hamwi bin Fatan (National Defense Forces)
  27. Samer Muski (National Defense Forces)
  28. Wahid Khayr Abu Hayalah (National Defense Forces)
  29. Fadi Mahmoud Sakr (National Defense Forces)
  30. Haytham Rashidi Jawanah (National Defense Forces)
  31. Jawad Faysal Mukarah (National Defense Forces)
  32. General Rami Wahid Riyad Rahmoun (Commander of Eastern Forces)
  33. ‘Ali Hammoud Hamadeh Al-Ahmad (7th Division)
  34. Qassem Zuheir Muhanna (243rd Unit)
  35. Wahid Mazeed Dawoud (243rd Unit)
  36. Wahid Sobhi Al-‘Abdullah (243rd Unit)
  37. Yousif Dahmoush Al-‘Ali (243rd Unit)
  38. Lt. Ayyoub Khaled Turkawi (17th Division Command)
  39. Lt. ‘Ammar Yasser Murhaj (17th Division Command)
  40. ‘Abdel-Majeed Ahmad Fawzi  (17th Division Command)
  41. Mahmoud Bassam Al-Khateeb (17th Division Command)
  42. Ahmad Saleh Al-Barghouth (17th Division Command
  43. Suleiman ‘Abdel-Latif Wahid (17th Division Command)

Martyrs and heroes along with the thousands of Syrians who have given their life for freedom and dignity.

John Kerry – Showing clear signs of dementia.

I don’t know who Kerry is trying to kid but anyone having a semblance of intelligence can see straight through his repetitive efforts to blame the Russians for failed peace initiatives. Perhaps his age (72) is starting to get the better of him. The Americans have been demanding Assad step down for over 5 years and Kerry regards the ceasefires as a way of weakening him. There should be no more negotiations by the Russians, the Americans have conned them twice, the first time when they simply re-armed the terrorists and allowed them to regroup when they were on the back foot and more recently when the US and it’s loyal followers attacked Deir Ezzor killing and injuring dozens of Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

A BBC Radio four report this evening repeated all the excuses used by the Americans, that it was an error. The credibility they give to Washington’s feeble attempts in claiming the attack was an accident are astonishing. The breathtaking compliance of the media in supporting American claims are staggering. Kerry blames Assad and his allies of attacking a UN Aid convoy. It wasn’t a UN operation, it was the Red Crescent in Syria, which the Syrian government have a good relationship with. After initially claiming it was attacked from the air, they backtracked after experts ruled it out. It looked as if the vehicles had been parked up and torched. Then there was the White Helmets, who were on the scene while everything was still ablaze. The WH video report sets alarm bells going and if that wasn’t enough the ‘armchair expert’ Eliot Higgins declares Russian involvement after he investigated the attack. Higgins has been found on numerous occasions to lack the expertise and indeed the neutrality to be taken seriously. Just about every conclusion has been that the Russians or Syrians ‘did it’, despite real experts being unable to confirm either way. He and his belling cat clowns are an absolute joke.

I just wish that someone would take these serial liars to task, I haven’t got the technical expertise to do it but then again I never claimed to have. These self proclaimed, deluded rank amateurs need to be exposed as the insignificant dreamers they are. Moreover, Mr Kerry needs to realise that repeating the same distortions over and over again would indicate a serious neurological disorder.

The charities scam.

Craig Murray’s brilliant essay covering the Kinnock family and charities in general intrigued me so much I did a little research on the subject. First of all, I observed how charities worked when my parents were alive. Once a donation had been given, the resulting communication from them was nothing short of harassment. The repeated requests for donations and more so monthly payments was intense and unrelenting. Primarily, the people who give in to these demands are the more passive in society and from what I can remember, my parents became more indignant as time went by. My opinion is that for the few people that give in to the constant requests, they must be overwhelmingly outnumbered by people that become irritated with the aggressive tactics.

It seems to me that even though the practice has been given widespread negative publicity, it must be successful because if it weren’t very profitable, the system would very quickly be discarded. The unethical marketing of charities is one thing, the huge wages of the CEO’s in charge of them is another.

The London Clinic pays its CEO more than any other charity and yet the charitable status it enjoys is questionable, to put it mildly. There is no legislation that requires them to define what benefit to the public their charity provides. Clearly, the massive remuneration to the CEO is of no public benefit but it would seem once they have the charity status there are no controls in place. Governing laws are woefully inadequate. All the facts and figures are quite easy to find.

So, next time you think about giving to a charity, bear two things in mind. Don’t under any circumstances give them your address and consider that you are probably contributing to a swimming pool for some sickeningly wealthy future Lord.