Build a wall!

Currently, it seems trendy to build walls, to stop people getting to certain areas, I assume. I’ve got a better idea. Stop corporations and bent officials from stealing resources and there won’t be any need for these walls. The Israeli wall is a little different because it’s designed to be as problematic as possible to the Palestinians and aimed at psychologically damaging  Arab resistance to the heinous Israeli regime. The wall is just one of many crimes which are created to batter the Palestinians into submission. It hasn’t worked thus far and hopefully it’s doomed to failure.

The more recent walls are curious in that they are countries governments building walls on other nations territory (I don’t suppose it’s that much different to the Israeli project after all). The Turks are building a wall, presumably to stop the Kurds and the British are doing the same in France to deter immigrants from trying to jump aboard or attack Anglo French truck drivers. I doubt either will make much difference.

Perhaps if we had left Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria alone whilst at the same time sanctioning the Zionist regime for crimes inflicted on the Palestinians, we could all enjoy ‘open plan’ designs.

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