Syrian Arab Army get the upper hand – Cue baseless chemical weapons accusations.

Whenever the Syrian Arab Army put the criminal, mercenary ‘rebels’ under pressure, Western media trot out the same old stories. Assad is accused of using chemical weapons with absolutely no evidence at all that incriminates him or his forces. Moreover, he doesn’t need to use chemical weapons anyhow, Daesh and its affiliated groups are severely on the back foot with the US floundering to undermine Russian attempts to stop the war.

Seeing children struggling for breath and clearly in a state of distress strongly suggest some agent has been used but the rebels haven’t shied away from killing people living under their control if they think it will further their cause. The closing of vital supply routes by the Syrian forces suggest even more hardship for Al Nusra’s murderous gangs in Aleppo and these people have a proven record of doing anything at all to try to avoid defeat.

Mainstream media never report on the certain death that Syrian soldiers will endure if they are caught by almost any of the rebel groups in Syria, including the moderates, usually after extreme torture. They don’t report on deliberate attacks on Christian and Alawite parts of the country yet are quick to claim ISIS have been targeted with chemical weapons. Time and again crimes committed by the people being paid to destroy Syria are ignored.

Like it or not, Assad is the popular choice of the Syrian people and the plan to topple him has been a costly business for them as well as the US, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar regimes. Deliberately fomenting a war on a country is a war crime and all the above countries governments should be dragged to the Hague.

Not forgetting the Israelis who have been supporting the armed insurrection from its inception. They have continually committed crimes against Syria, attacking them at will whenever they choose to. Hospitalising injured rebels is not only illegal in the context of this conflict, it exposes the hypocrisy of the apartheid state. Netanyahu claimed Hamas were exactly the same evil organisation as ISIS but then medically treats these terrorists, fighting on the border region of the illegally occupied Golan Heights. The nation that demands we should embrace multiculturalism yet only allows people of a certain religion to go and live there is in a league of its own when suggesting everyone behave one way, yet doing the opposite.

Israel support for this conflict originates in the requirement of any nation threats to be fragmented into small groups, incapable of resisting Israeli dominance. Netanyahu is also happy that the smokescreen is good cover for his theft of natural resources from the Golan Heights, which he is in the process of stealing. There have also been thirty illegal settlements built on the Heights with approximately 20 thousand Jews enjoying Israeli generosity with other peoples land.

Israel strongly supports the Kurds, not only because of strong trade relations but also because the creation of a Kurdish state would weaken Syria even further. A major problem is that Israel hand picks parts of the Bible that they find helpful, one of them being the suggestion of a ‘Greater Israel’, which is claimed to go from the Nile to the Euphrates. Any other nation that had aspirations to control such a vast area would be thought of as crazy but if creating smaller communities in Syria is to be realised , those smaller ‘state-lets’ would be much easier to manipulate or even conquer.

People living in the areas surrounding Israel have good reason to worry. The US and UK amongst others have enabled Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians without any serious implications and the process is ongoing. The despicable past and present Israeli governments should have to comply with the basic laws that other countries in the world have to adhere to. The behaviour of the rogue state known as Israel needs to be brought into line with every other country and be forced to behave in a civilised manner.


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