Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia is one of the primary reasons that people in Britain are safe from terrorism, according to Theresa May. Perhaps this is the reason Tony Blair halted bribery investigations into BAE a number of years ago. What Mrs May isn’t quite so keen to share is where the terrorist threat largely originates.

It just so happens that Saudi oil pays for extreme Wahhabi education around the world for those kids unfortunate enough to have to suffer it. The caliphate ideology that Daesh conflate to is connected to it and despite the fact that wealthy Saudi patrons pay to export it, is actually critical of the Saudi regime. Surely they aren’t so stupid as to bring about their own downfall, are they? I wouldn’t bet on it. The phrase ‘more money than sense’ was never more appropriate.

Another thing the Saudis like spending money on is getting rid of  Bashar Assad. They have been telling Mr Assad that he needs to leave and allow for proper democracy to take replace his government, this despite international observers approving the last Syrian elections. If there were elections in Saudi the voting paper might look like this:


Saudi free and Democratic Elections (voting slip)

Saudi Royal Family                                                                                                                                             Saudi Royal Family                                                                                                                                             Saudi Royal Family                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Please mark your chosen candidate with an X

The saudi regime also claim that Syria commits crimes against its people, which is also quite amusing. I assume they must think its ok to kill another nations people, namely Yemenis. The laws covering the average Saudi must be really liberal, unless you’re a woman and then you can’t drive a car. Basically, it’s downhill from this point with regards laws and restrictions. Its staggering that these people criticise other countries when they are just about the worst human rights country in the world. What makes it much worse to we in the West is that our media only rarely remind its readers of the stifling lifestyle the Saudis are restricted to. Unless you are able to use a private jet to fly to London and then you can do everything you won’t allow your minions to do. I know ‘money talks’ but is it really necessary that these hypocrites are shown such servile respect?

The first and second countries in the world that need ‘regime change’ are Israel and Saudi but I suspect they are both lost causes.




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