Deir Ezzor & Golan: The US and Israel expand their ISIS and Al Qaida support.

The US Air Force have just attacked the Syrian Arab Army on a crucial hill top near Deir Ezzor. The raid has allowed ISIS to take control of it and there are now 300,000 civilians at risk in the city. Tens of SAA soldiers have been killed. At the same time this was happening, Israel were killing SAA personnel close to the Golan Heights. Stray rockets fired in the area were serious enough to warrant Israeli response and that is the reason they openly supported Al Nusra. Confirmation, if it were needed that the Zionist cess pit is clearly coordinating with ISIS. Just a question for the terrorist pigs… What do you think will happen to you once you have served your purpose to the parasitic entity full of psychopaths? I’ll give you a clue, take a look at Palestine, add a false flag committed on your behalf and then it’s time to mow the lawn.

Here is a more realistic Israeli flag:image1

These war-mongering cowards need to know what it’s like when the odds aren’t stacked in their favour, although despite being the underdog, Hezbollah give them more than a bloody nose and a large number of Merkavas for the scrap yard in 2006.

Syria will survive despite the illegal attention of the rogue states, USA and Israel. The Syrians have defied criminal attempts to turn their country into a failed state and they will prevail.

Al mawt la Israel, Al mawt la Amerika!


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