Israeli provocation.

The battle on the Golan Heights border is turning into the most contentious part of the Syrian conflict. Any stray missiles that land in the Golan, no matter who fired them are being responded to as if the Syrian Arab Army has fired them. So if they wanted to, the terrorist Al Nusra group could fire at the Golan knowing the Israelis will attack Syria and indeed that is what they are doing.

Moreover, the situation has been complicated even further by Israeli fighter jets regularly entering Syrian airspace and attacking targets, sometimes claiming that Hezbollah are about to take command of extremely dangerous weapons and other times not even bothering to explain themselves. Their arrogance and belligerent confidence is palpable. However, 2 days ago it was reported that Syria had responded by firing two surface to air missiles, one hitting an IAF jet and the other striking an Israeli drone. Neither have been confirmed but it would seem that Israel have toned down their illegal behaviour since the SAM response was reported.

Another aspect to this little corner of Syria is that the IDF have been supporting the terrorists, allegedly going as far as to get over 2,000 extremists treated in specially created field hospitals. This, despite Netanyahu claiming that ISIS and Hamas are identical. It’s very curious then that Israel should go to such lengths to support the Daesh criminals.

The situation seems to have taken another sinister turn in the last few hours. It’s being reported that the Israelis are pushing Al Nusra towards Lebanon in an attempt to expand the conflict. After the beating Israel suffered in the 2006 Lebanon war, it would appear that Israel have concluded that Hezbollah are in a weakened position due to their efforts in supporting Assad. The reality is that Israel could only kill Lebanese civilians with impunity but when it came to a well trained, dedicated and extremely organised enemy, the Israelis were found seriously wanting.

This latest attempt to set one enemy against another is nothing new. Israel has been at the very least fanning the flames with regards the Syrian conflict. A better description would be to say that Israel actually built the fire that now rages in its resilient neighbours yard and then poured petrol on it before producing a Zippo lighter.

Syria and Hezbollah weakness is Israel’s gain and throwing Lebanon into chaos as well would be a dream come true for Netanyahu and his criminally insane government.


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