Real terrorism.

Syrian Arab Army and its allies are defending the vast majority of Syrians from the various murderous criminals, masquerading as devoted Islamic followers. The overwhelming view of most Muslims is that these misguided terrorists don’t represent any aspect of Islam.

Democracy, which the US claim to want to spread to none democratic nations, has no place in the agenda of those attacking Syria. The terrorists want the total control of every aspect of life in the regions they conquer. They certainly aren’t the liberators they claim to be.

The attack by US jets on Syrian soldiers was no mistake. It was perfectly timed to coincide with an ISIS attack on Deir Ezorr, which initially succeeded but was then rolled back by Syrian forces. The derisory American apology won’t fix this latest attack. All the evidence is now available that the US is the ISIS air force.

Yes, US friendly fire incidents are extremely common. A look back at any major conflict involving the Americans gives countless examples of there being extreme danger to its allies. The immense weaponry that the US controls is no guarantee that a brainless goon won’t be in charge of it. Deir Ezzor was not one American idiot putting in the wrong coordinates, the Syrians had been in that location for months.

It’s time for Syria and Russia to take control of this situation and demand that until there has been a full independent inquiry, no US flights over Syrian air space will be allowed. Syria cannot afford to lose such experienced military personnel.

The pain for the families murdered (in this assault) by America must be so hard to bear. They are all true heroes, the exact opposite of the cowardly American servicemen who slaughtered them.

American lives are of no greater value than than those of any other nation. The sooner this supremacist ideology disappears, the better. A mothers anguish at losing a child is no less in Syria than it is in New York.


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