New York ‘terror’ victims overshadow US support for ISIS.

The 29 victims of a pressure cooker bomb has given the US government convenient cover to overshadow the horrific crime committed on the Syrian Arab Army.

A report from The Indian Express included this statement:

Authorities said 25 people suffered minor injuries.

So all the international headlines describing New York as being gripped by terrorism and 25 of the 29 are suffering minor injuries? The death of at least 60 Syrian soldiers and serious injuries to up to another 100 and the media concentrate on the glorified firework? No mention that the thugs the US air force had just been protecting with air cover might eventually travel to New York and fill some more pressure cookers with nails, nuts, bolts and other odds and sods they can muster?

It isn’t just the American press that is totally ignoring the unprovoked attack on Syrian forces, the British media have the Davis Cup tennis exit and the closing ceremony for the Olympic games above the murderous USAF attack as regards importance. At least 60 families now have no bread winner, no father to guide and protect them, no husband to share the burden of nurturing their children. Life for these families will never be the same. Meanwhile over in New York half a dozen crepe bandages and a box of sticking plasters will sort out the vast majority of the victims of terror.


As you can see, US military and emergency services frantically trying to make some sense of the carnage in New York.

All this would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking sick.

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