The amazing good fortune of the White Helmets.

It’s been claimed there are 1200 White Helmet ‘support staff’  in the rebel held areas of Syria. For an organisation that claims to be neutral, this is a very odd statistic. Surely there is a need for rescue experts in pro-government areas too? Hundreds of civilians in residential areas under Assad control have been murdered by Al Nusra and other rebel groups and not once have the heroes in White Helmets come to their rescue.

Yesterdays attack on a UN convoy doesn’t need much investigation. The people under siege in Aleppo already said they didn’t want it. Russian and Syrian aircraft (unlike the US, Australian, UK and Danish military jets) do not have a reputation for screwing up with regards their targeting and experts have implied it wasn’t an airstrike anyhow.

Confirmation of ‘rebel’ involvement came from the video issued by the White Helmets. These Syrian traitors are suspiciously on-site with their cameras ready and always attempt to blame Assad without exception. Vanessa Beeley has researched these con men and the groups origins.



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