John Kerry – Showing clear signs of dementia.

I don’t know who Kerry is trying to kid but anyone having a semblance of intelligence can see straight through his repetitive efforts to blame the Russians for failed peace initiatives. Perhaps his age (72) is starting to get the better of him. The Americans have been demanding Assad step down for over 5 years and Kerry regards the ceasefires as a way of weakening him. There should be no more negotiations by the Russians, the Americans have conned them twice, the first time when they simply re-armed the terrorists and allowed them to regroup when they were on the back foot and more recently when the US and it’s loyal followers attacked Deir Ezzor killing and injuring dozens of Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

A BBC Radio four report this evening repeated all the excuses used by the Americans, that it was an error. The credibility they give to Washington’s feeble attempts in claiming the attack was an accident are astonishing. The breathtaking compliance of the media in supporting American claims are staggering. Kerry blames Assad and his allies of attacking a UN Aid convoy. It wasn’t a UN operation, it was the Red Crescent in Syria, which the Syrian government have a good relationship with. After initially claiming it was attacked from the air, they backtracked after experts ruled it out. It looked as if the vehicles had been parked up and torched. Then there was the White Helmets, who were on the scene while everything was still ablaze. The WH video report sets alarm bells going and if that wasn’t enough the ‘armchair expert’ Eliot Higgins declares Russian involvement after he investigated the attack. Higgins has been found on numerous occasions to lack the expertise and indeed the neutrality to be taken seriously. Just about every conclusion has been that the Russians or Syrians ‘did it’, despite real experts being unable to confirm either way. He and his belling cat clowns are an absolute joke.

I just wish that someone would take these serial liars to task, I haven’t got the technical expertise to do it but then again I never claimed to have. These self proclaimed, deluded rank amateurs need to be exposed as the insignificant dreamers they are. Moreover, Mr Kerry needs to realise that repeating the same distortions over and over again would indicate a serious neurological disorder.

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