Why the sudden interest in victims of war?

The BBC despair over another dust covered child being rescued from a collapsed building due to a missile attack. It’s long overdue but where were the cries for alleviating the effects of war on Lebanese and Gaza children when the Israelis were making Aleppo look like a garden party? They didn’t seem so perplexed when Israel dropped millions of lethal cluster bombs AFTER they had agreed a ceasefire with Hezbollah. These armaments have been killing Lebanese civilians ever since, mostly children playing.  Areas of Gaza were completely flattened (and still are) but the BBC simply stressed that Israel were only defending themselves.

Isn’t Bashar Al Assad allowed to protect his people from terrorists that are killing and maiming them on a daily basis? Don’t they have the right to self defence? BBC reporters are complaining that terrorist controlled areas haven’t got clean drinking water. Kid’s in Gaza have been wading around in raw sewage for years and the first thing the terrorists do if they get chance is to sever clean water supplies to Government regions in Syria.

There are no BBC complaints when Israel inflict every type of cruel torture on to Palestinians, why the double standards for murderous terrorists? Why do only Israel have the exclusive right to protection and why are they allowed to judge who is a terrorist and who isn’t?

Why were over 100 Syrian soldiers being slaughtered in an attack that has created severe consequences for the innocent civilians of Deir Ezzor almost completely ignored by the MSM, yet the death of one Western soldier or civilian is regarded as a catastrophic event, for example the killing of a US Ambassador and some special forces in Libya? It was as if the world was about to end when the victims were American. Hillary Clinton was laughing at Gadaffi’s demise in the most hideous way.

Why are the Russians and Syrians immediately blamed for every heinous crime in Syria yet a deliberate act of aggression by US fighter jets that could result in ISIS conquering a city of 300,000 is by passed as merely an accident. If Deir Ezzor falls to these madmen, the US will be directly responsible and Obama exposed as the President of War crimes on a level with Blair and Bush.

Finally, how can the White Helmets who have been caught on camera abusing Syrian soldiers dead bodies and walking around with machine guns over their shoulder be awarded an alternative Nobel prize? They have been proven to be waiting off camera while a prisoner has been executed and then they remove his body. They are clearly sectarian and only support people in Sunni areas. Why are these charlatans who claim to be independent, the recipients of our income tax contributions to the tune of £millions? The White Helmets are not a group of charitable good Samaritans, they are completely infiltrated in to the terrorist networks and the Syrian government rightly treat them as such.


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