Yet again, the White Helmets.

The man who was so fortunate to be at the recent attack on the Syrian Red Crescent has made a bit of mess of things. Firstly, he was the White Helmet spokesperson who explained what he believed had happened to the aid convoy attacked by unknown forces.Here he is, in a still from the video:


However, despite him wearing his White Helmet with pride, he seems to have a very murky past which has just caught up with him. On a twitter account, the user Francisco Nunes has managed to get an image of our hero in slightly different circumstances:


(I hope you don’t mind me using this, Francisco Nunes)

For some reason, the image has been removed from his Facebook account. The photo, from 2014 is yet another nail in the coffin of the White Helmets. This useless gang of Syrian traitors should now slink away into the gutter, where they belong.

The White Helmets and the British criminal that created them should finally now give the pretence. The UK tax payers should also demand the return of the £19 million that was given to these bunch of crooks and killers.


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