Panorama: BBC attempts at whitewashing terrorism.

BBC Panorama Aleppo – Life Under Siege

This documentary, from start to finish was anti Assad propaganda. Scenes of distraught civilians amongst the ruins of a relatively small part of Aleppo, formerly the industrial and financial hub of the country. The program primarily showed White Helmets going about their business. Essentially, they are the fire brigade of Al Nusra and the program purported to show what life is like inside the rebel areas. To anyone that doesn’t know much about the situation, they wouldn’t know that this was inside an area that was controlled by armed militants, against the legitimate government of Syria.

There was no footage of terrorists wielding M16’s or Kalashnikovs shouting AllahHuAkbar but it didn’t take long for the mention of ‘barrel bombs’. These incendiaries are used to prove how demonic the Assad government is. They are not regular missiles fired from aircraft but there is no reason to believe that they are any more or less despicable than conventional weapons. There was no mention of government controlled areas being terrorised by Al Nusra terrorists from inside this zone.

To give a better understanding of the situation (which Panorama didn’t do) here is a map of Aleppo identifying who controls what areas.



The two areas of green are anti government forces, pink pro Assad and yellow is a Kurd controlled region. This map changes daily but any Syrians living outside the green parts are constantly under attack from mortars and shell fire. The BBC wanted to portray an unarmed, besieged population living under constant threat of air strikes, it was as if there was no reason for the conflict. Here is a picture of the poor dears firing one of their infamous ‘hell fire cannons’.


This one sided program appears to be part of the media surge calling for another cease-fire. The World Health Organisation have appealed for escape corridors to be opened for the injured. There was an opportunity to do that very recently but hardly anyone left the area. Whether it was because they didn’t want to or the rebels wouldn’t let them, I don’t know. The plea from the WHO is likely a politically motivated gesture. Very few of the ‘respected’ International agencies are free from the pressures of powerful governments and as they say, ‘The piper calls the tune’.

Netflix – The White Helmets

I haven’t watched this but by the description, it’s just another propaganda piece claiming that the White Helmets are heroes. As well as the preposterous nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, they are winning the publicity war, thanks to the BBC and Netflix amongst others.


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