America – The harsh reality.

The often used ‘Greatest nation in the world’ phrase is correct for all the wrong reasons, if US behaviour in Syria is anything to go by. The pretence of fighting terrorism is shattered. The USAAF has been used as air support for Daesh resulting in the deaths of many Syrian patriots who were just trying to defend their country. Syria wasn’t perfect but different religions had been existing for many years together without much problem, unlike many other countries, especially Israel.

The United States of ISIS, perhaps?


The US has been covertly helping Syrian rebels in many different ways ever since their ambassador, Robert Stephen Ford stayed in Syria after the troubles began and was openly encouraging the opponents of Bashar Al Assad. He was travelling around Syria, addressing protesters, despite it breaking ambassador protocols. Since then he has been a fervent supporter of supplying weapons to ‘moderate rebels’, even though it has been common knowledge that these weapons end up in the hands of universally recognised, banned extremists. The US government has demanded Assad’s removal even though it has no legal or even moral grounds to do so. Likewise with many other governments, including UK , France and Israel.

Evidence of increasing US support for the opposition has been difficult to confirm but strongly suspected as the conflict progressed. The first serious ceasefire ended up being a chance to rearm and supply struggling terrorists who were losing ground to loyalist Syrian forces. They were revitalised by this good fortune which the US had motivated in negotiations with Russia. Despite this, another ceasefire was brokered more recently which produced the same outcome but was eventually ended by the ‘accidental’ attack on Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor. The US military have been involved in numerous ‘friendly fire’ incidents in recent years but nothing like this.

The Syrian Arab Army and their allies had been in control of the area protecting Deir Ezzor airport for over six months. They hadn’t just taken control of it and unlike Aleppo, for instance, the battlefield and regional control wasn’t wildly fluctuating. ISIS and it’s cohorts had in fact been trying to conquer the mountain top, without success. However, only minutes after the ferocious attack on Syrian forces, ISIS themselves attacked and removed them from the positions they held and even now still control these areas.

The geographical position of Deir Ezzor is an important aspect regarding US ambitions for Syria. If it were to fall to opposition forces it would effectively end Syrian government control over the eastern side of the country. The US attack on Syrian troops finally removes any doubt about their support for Daesh and it also confirms earlier suspicions of direct involvement in assisting them. I was under the impression it was illegal in the US to aid a terrorist group? If this is true, it means the US can’t even abide by it’s own laws, never mind International. I don’t take much notice of Russian politics, so I’m indifferent to Putin but Russian support for Assad has been critical in avoiding ‘another Libya’ and for that we should all be thankful.


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