Fergal Keane.. Just another BBC fraud.

The program was well designed and slotted into the first ten minutes of the UK BBC News At Ten. Sad looking children with heart rendering stories. A Syrian disaster created by Bashar Al Assad, they claimed, what can we do, they asked. Let me state a few facts.

It is the UK, US and others who have been supplying and are still supplying weapons, money and support to the so called ‘rebels’ in Syria. They could not survive without OUR support.

The same countries want only one outcome – The removal of President Assad.

The majority of Syrian people want President Assad to remain their leader. That is called democracy.

Numerous groups have sprung up claiming to be independent Syrian supporters, they are not. They are financed by businessmen and governments with the sole intention of removing President Assad.

The White Helmets were set up by a British former soldier with the intention to work only in ‘REBEL’ areas and to blame every death on President Assad. Despite the fact that many of these ‘White Helmets’ have been caught brazenly assisting terrorist groups, they are still being touted for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The US attack on Syrian Arab Army soldiers a few weeks ago was described as a mistake, it wasn’t, terrorist groups attacked Syrian government forces as soon as the US attack ceased. This means the US government colluded with known terrorists.

What Mr Fergal Keane didn’t tell you was that the attacks on government held areas are killing many more civilians than attacks on ‘rebel’ areas. Most of the ‘rebel’ areas are rubble and have very few civilians living in them.

The few that are living there could have left only a week or two ago but seemingly the ‘rebels’ wouldn’t allow them to. It’s a tactic, to use them as shields, to try to stop the Syrian and Russian jets from bombing them.

How did you get into the ‘rebel’ held areas? They won’t allow vital aid in for the civilians but they will allow a Western journalist in? Ordinarily, journalists return from those people without their heads, how did you get around that problem? Or did you really go in at all?

What would we expect our government to do in the same circumstances? Allow the ‘rebels’ to terrorise us? Mr Fergal Keane, you are a fraud and you are aiding and abetting the US and their allies to attack a sovereign nation but unlike all the journalist miscreants that lied about the Iraq war and the Libyan slaughter, you will be brought to justice for your crimes.

You are a total disgrace to your profession.


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