Obama and the blame game.

In March 2016, Obama publicly blamed David Cameron for the fiasco in Libya. Recently, a report by the British Foreign Affairs Committee also condemned Cameron for expanding the mission into regime change and using humanitarian issues as cover.

Quote from the report.

‘The Foreign Affairs Committee slammed the decision to invade the North African country in 2011 in an effort to remove then-leader Moammar Gadhafi. Though the intervention was ostensibly meant to aid civilians under fire from Gadhafi’s forces, British lawmakers said the UK government had failed to provide credible evidence that the dictator’s regime directly threatened civilians.’

The report came out a few days after Cameron had resigned his position as a Parliamentary member and the timing was perfect. The blame was shoved onto Cameron who was no longer the Conservative Party leader and so it wasn’t their collective fault. The civilian aid reason was a lie and it can be easily proven.

The cost of Libyan intervention prior to Gadhafi’s removal was £325 million (this amount of money could have paid for three 200+ bed hospitals in the UK).

Money for the rebuilding effort given to Libya after Gadhafi had been murdered was £25 million.

This is conclusive evidence that ‘humanitarian intervention’ has more to do with creating orders for the arms industry than protection of civilians.

Returning to Obama’s astounding avoidance of his part in the crime, we need look no further than Hillary Clinton. He appointed her and she was as much to blame as the European cowards, Sarkozy and Cameron. Moreover, if we knew what was written in those deleted emails from when she was in office as the US Foreign Secretary, the complete picture would emerge and Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, certainly wouldn’t be blameless.

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