Syria:Total fabrication.

The British ITV station have just transmitted a news program concerning Syria but more precisely, it’s about Russian involvement there. Accusations of attacking civilian Syrian targets weren’t supported with any evidence, except video of collapsed buildings, which could have been anywhere and committed by anyone.

The ‘hell cannon’ used by terrorists in Syria.

Are we supposed to believe that the ‘hell  cannons’ that propel a 47kg gas bottle filled with explosives aren’t doing much damage and Russian and Syrian fighter jets are doing? For all the mobile phones and their recording capability we have at hand, why isn’t there a mountain of evidence implicating the Russians? Here is a video of the rebel held protests in East Aleppo, against UN aid being delivered to them.

This video has numerous issues which I will examine. First of all, there is only one woman in the video and she is wearing a niqab. It’s almost as if women were told not to protest. Compare this with government held Aleppo, which is an area where different religions and the various sects live side by side and protests are attended by an array of different people.

Secondly, the vast majority in the video are males of a fighting age and only one is armed, implying the rest are civilians. The protest itself was because they didn’t want to accept aid directly through government opened ‘corridors’, they demanded it be distributed through the official ‘rebel’ leaders. This is a very strange situation because there have been countless claims that the terrorists have been profiteering from the aid. The demonstrators look like they are relatively healthy and well fed and not very desperate, particularly if they can refuse food. The White Helmets might have a different take on things.

My third point is that I can’t help thinking that the footage has been ‘directed’, somehow. For the most part, there aren’t many children and it looks like the ones that are there are being used as props.



The most damning problem in this video is something the producers should clearly have thought about. The buildings. During this clip, I saw no damaged buildings of the type we see on our nightly news, yet the Russians are allegedly carpet bombing them. We in the UK are subjected to images of destroyed buildings and dust covered people in every bulletin about Syria. Just like John Kerry, these protesters appear to be in a parallel universe.

Here’s what it should look like.


Flip flopping Boris.

It seems Boris Johnson has been encouraging people to go and protest outside the Russian Embassy about Russian involvement in Syria. Is this the same Boris Johnson that was praising Russia for it’s support of Assad because he was fighting the terrorists, not so long ago? Since he became part of the higher ranking establishment he appears to have totally changed his opinion. All I’ve got to say to you Boris is that you are a lying fat fucker who should go and waste his own time protesting outside the Russian Embassy.


Thumbs up or down, Boris?

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