The British elite and their concern for humanity.

Today, 11th October 2016, the UK Parliament are having an emergency discussion about Syria and the humanitarian catastrophe that envelops the country. Following on from what is known about their ‘help’ in Libya, which can only be described as a failed state, maybe they would better off without it. Before 2011, the Libyans had free health care and education as well as subsidised fuel to the point they were nearly giving it away.  Likewise, the Iraqis, had access to a highly regarded education system and medical treatment, all government funded. Neither country have recovered from ‘our help’. Afghanistan, so far as installing a compliant government, has failed and currently the countries capital is in grave danger of being taken control of by the Taliban. Security forces ‘we’ trained are crumbling.

The states that have been the recipients of relatively recent UK interference are now in a seemingly permanent chaotic mess. Of course, this is nothing new. The Sykes-Picot Agreement of March 1916 divided the region into various convenient and manageable countries for the benefit of the British and French. The partition had no consideration for sectarian, tribal or ethnic differences. In history books it’s described as ‘regions of influence’ but that gives the impression of native inclusion, however the truth is somewhat different.

The actions and crimes of the British Empire are still being felt around the world, hence the continuing dislike of the British people. It’s not because we wear curious hats or have a unique mentality, it’s the fact that during domination of the world, this tiny little country of ours committed so many heinous crimes and left such a poisoned legacy.

So the decisions made today in the UK parliament could well have historical and present day consequences, just like they did, particularly from mid 1800’s onwards. Despite living in a ‘democracy’, the reality is that public opinion is completely ignored unless it gets to unprecedented levels. Even then, a huge public show of disapproval, like the march against the war prior to the Iraq invasion, was discarded. Off the top of my head, the only recent exceptions would be the Poll Tax bill and the attempt by David Cameron to attack Syria.

The ‘elite’ make decisions for themselves. Carving up countries wasn’t so much a political function, it was and still is business interests that continue to be the motivation. British control or influence creates resentment today but memories of partition, often supported by vicious brutality, still resonates many years after the policy was inflicted.

Only a very few people in the UK benefit from our international crimes and those are the ones that can afford to travel freely on their own jets to private locations that are far away from the fury of the foreigners ‘we’ have upset over the years. Meanwhile, for ‘we’ commoners, destinations are decreasing rapidly, with reference to security. Instead of realising the harm we have done in the past, our decision makers continue along the path where commercial interests dominate over a reasoned and moral policy.

Next time there is an atrocity abroad, targeting the British or to the West in general, take a look at how many Lords, Earls or billionaires were caught up in the slaughter.

To the UK decision makers today:

Hands off Syria! Your record of improving peoples lives through intervention and interference is abysmal.



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