The truth about Syria. Please show your friends and family this short video. (Updated)

My criticism for the BBC is usually unrelenting. Interviews are skewed and many interviewees attempting to relay a logical and honest rebuttal to the lies of governments are cut short, aggressively questioned and even deliberately sidelined. This short interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos is a rare exception. He clearly describes the actual truth about Russian assistance to Syria, its perfectly legal basis and the disgraceful action of the UK government, with regards to its attempts to distort reality. Most importantly, the interviewer allows him to answer his questions without interruption.

I urge people that might not be fully aware of the situation in Syria to watch this news clip, which is only just over 4 minutes long. I applaud Mr Papadopoulos for his factual appraisal of Russian involvement in Syria and would add that if we do not hold our warmongering politicians to account, we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict which could result in nuclear weapons being used. We are at a very dangerous point in history that could escalate in to a catastrophe if we do not fully understand the situation.

Please, please encourage friends, family and colleagues to spend just over 4 minutes of their time to watch this invaluable interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos


For those who think that I may have been exaggerating when I said “we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict”, here is a very sobering discussion between General Dunford and Mr Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In the latter part of the short clip, John McCain puts the General under pressure and he starts to back pedal. I believe he caved in due to the reputation of McCain and his close relationships with militant extremists in Syria. Having said that, General Dunsford wasn’t convincing with his detraction, despite McCain’s dismissive comments.

McCain probably became agitated because he has met with known terrorist’s in Syria, even being photographed with them.


It has been claimed that the man second from the left is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. I’m not sure about that, although there are many similarities. What isn’t in doubt is that McCain broke Syrian law by meeting these thugs, without having the relevant paper work. The sooner this nasty piece of work ‘retires’, the better.

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