Aleppo revealed.

The unprecedented house to house conquering of nearly half of East Aleppo by government forces and their allies has revealed some shocking realities and they have no similarity to the propaganda coming from Washington or London. TV, newspapers and politicians have claimed up to a quarter of a million civilians have been held captive in … Continue reading Aleppo revealed.


Linux Mint.

Suddenly, twitter video's wouldn't play in my browser any more. After hitting numerous brick walls, I reinstalled ffmpeg via the software manager. The problem wasn't specific to any browser, it was across the board. Reinstalling ffmpeg fixed it for me.

Where is the media frenzy?

Terrorists in the Aleppo city region have begun deliberately targeting civilian parts of government held Aleppo. With the casualty figures rising rapidly due to the indiscriminate assaults by extremists it would be fair to ask "where is the humanitarian ceasefire for people in loyalist controlled areas of Aleppo?" The media condemnation is absent, not acknowledging … Continue reading Where is the media frenzy?