Where is the media frenzy?

Terrorists in the Aleppo city region have begun deliberately targeting civilian parts of government held Aleppo. With the casualty figures rising rapidly due to the indiscriminate assaults by extremists it would be fair to ask “where is the humanitarian ceasefire for people in loyalist controlled areas of Aleppo?”

The media condemnation is absent, not acknowledging the murderous and deliberate attacks on civilians when they aren’t in a ‘rebel’ district. There are numerous accusations of chemical weapons being used by the extremists, again ignored by the news agencies. To make matters worse, the Russian and Syrian air forces have stopped attacking Eastern Aleppo to avoid civilian casualties. Despite the vital intervention of Russia in Syria and the plain fact that if they hadn’t intervened, it would now be a failed state, I find it hard not to question this unilateral decision. Criticism from the West has played a part in the cessation of air attacks and of course the media’s dutiful support but there comes a time when the lives of the average Syrian should be staunchly defended and I think that time has come. The terrorists are taking full advantage of the situation, knowing that to defend civilian areas more robustly, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will be stretched even further.

Bashar Al Assad said in recent interviews that the West only complains about civilian casualties in rebel held territory when the terrorists are losing and it’s true. Terrorist attacks on exit corridors increase the closer it gets to the end of the ceasefire, deliberately attempting to stop civilians leaving East Aleppo. Government held West Aleppo, has suffered a barrage of rockets and mortars that have left many dead. Not a word from the mainstream media.

One thought on “Where is the media frenzy?

  1. For those of us that have eyes to see through the propaganda , we know the double speak coming out of Western media types .The West desperately wants Syria to end up in small pieces and powerless .Much easier then to dictate to them .I guess they have not learned anything from leaving those countries that they initiated regime change and left in total chaos in the aftermath .

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