This is Mohamad Ahmad AlDarbouli.


Mohamad Ahmad AlDarbouli wasn’t dragged dazed and confused from a damaged building. He wasn’t recorded on video being placed in a brand new ambulance. He won’t be on the front pages of all the Western newspapers tomorrow. He won’t be used as propaganda.

Although details are sketchy, it seems that this little chap, who didn’t harm or threaten anyone has been brutally executed by the bogus ‘moderates’ in the village of Abo AlAlaya, Homs, Syria.

He is a victim of sniper fire. Snipers are selected for having a steady hand and very good eyesight. I cannot give his killer the benefit of the doubt and suggest it may have been an accident, it’s impossible.

The indifference that is shown towards people living in government areas who are killed by the criminal invaders is shocking. This little man wasn’t killed by a misguided missile, his life was deliberately snuffed out by a so called ‘moderate rebel’.

Over a day has already passed without Mohamad being mentioned in the mainstream media, I suppose I’m a naive optimist if I thought he would be.

Mohamad Ahmad AlDarbouli did not give the media the photographs they crave. Omar and his dust covered sister did (numerous times), however that wasn’t the reason for the different coverage.


It was to do with Omar being in rebel controlled East Aleppo and Mohamad being in a government controlled region, it’s as simple as that.


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