Nothing to see here …Move along.

These past few days have seen government approval of state spying on its citizenry go to unprecedented levels. This isn’t just intelligence agencies checking your emails, this is all of the data you send or receive and it will be kept for 12 months. Plans to extend the amount of time data is stored could well be in the pipeline. Speculation? I don’t think so.

The logistics of setting up a system that will record every internet connection or mobile phone account is beyond most of our imaginations. This system could not have sprung up from the inception of the bill to make it legal. This system has been years in the making. It’s not just a few government geeks playing with systems to see what they can do. This has been a government policy for a long time. The government approval was just the finishing touch to make it legal for them to trace every single digital step.

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, there is nothing to be worried about.”

We’ve all heard this one, except you have every right to be worried and for several reasons. Policing in the UK is results driven, there have been cases where certain police forces have improved detection rates purely at the click of a mouse. There have also been cases of unauthorised access of peoples records, not just by police officers but also by civilians working for the police.  Information gleaned from these illegal searches have made the lives of hundreds of people a complete nightmare. We cannot trust these people with such vast amounts of our personal data, they aren’t good enough to look after it.

However, these security issues pale into insignificance if we consider the threat of hacking. It is very easy to set someone up if you gain access to their computer. If hackers can get past intricate and complex banking systems (as with Tesco bank recently) do you think they would have much of a problem getting past your firewall and free version of AVG? Besides, anti-virus are reliant on the users level of awareness. If you double click on certain files, all the anti-virus in the world can’t stop you from being compromised.

These intrusive laws were passed without much resistance from our elected politicians, perhaps they need to be brought to account. One last thing ….. Did you ever wonder why Windows 10 was given away for so long? I’ll give you a clue. It wasn’t to boost sales figures.

There is no need to have access to every aspect of our daily lives. For most people, all you need do is look at their Facebook account. There will be very valuable advertising data amongst all the information they save, will this be safe?


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